The Magnanimity of FEATI High School Class of 1970

FEATI High School Batch 1970 joined in celebrating Founders’ Day and commemorating the 116th birthday of FEATI’s foundress, Victoria Lopez Araneta together with the rest of their FEATI family on-site and those who participated in Zoom.

Alumni from Class of 1970 led by Gil Odejar with Dr. Raquel So-Sayo, Engr. Ben Sayo, Danny Gatus, Ramon Asido, Jose Cuaresma, Ruel Manlolo, Romy Dumas, & Manuel Pilar were among the active members and organizers of the grand reunion held in Feb 2020. All the proceeds from the grand reunion were generously shared through 10 scholarship grants for aspiring FEATINIANS in the coming school year.