FEATI University hosts Philippine Railways Institute for its Fundamental Training Course Cycle 6 practical activities.

FEATI University welcomed and assisted the Philippine Railways Institute (PRI) on its 3-day Fundamental Training Course’s practical activities on 25-27 April 2023.

It was headed by Dr. Cesar F. Domingo, Deputy to the CEO and Director for Professional Schools, together with Engr. Virgilio Zacarias, Jr., Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering Chairperson, Ms. Gina M. Vibar, Senior Administrative Officer, Karl Vincent C. Dyangco, Program Assistant of the Railway Program Office, and FEATI University EE Laboratory personnel. The three (3) competencies – Power Supply and Distribution Maintenance (PSDM), Rolling Stock Maintenance (RSM), and Signaling and Communications Maintenance (SCM) – were undertaken with the activity on Basic Tools and Troubleshooting.

The FT Course practical activities involve working with heavy machinery and high voltage electrical systems. The Cycle 6 trainees used the right tools and safety equipment to prevent accidents and injuries.

The activity aims to help the trainees identify the different basic tools used in railway maintenance, understand their proper use and safety, and perform troubleshooting techniques using the different tools.

The trainees were given sets of tasks and activities to help them familiarize themselves with the digital multimeter, vernier caliper, soldering iron, wrenches, screw drivers, wire crimping tools, and other basic tools necessary for conducting maintenance activities for power supply distribution, rolling stock, and signaling and communications equipment.

Source: Article about FEATIU is featured in PRI Press Riles newsletter Volume 02 Issue 04