Philippine Railways Institute (PRI) Fundamental Training Course at FEATI University

On February 7,9,& 10, 2022, FEATI University ,in cooperation with the Philippine Railways Institute (PRI) hosted thirty-six (36) trainees taking the PRI Fundamental Training Course. The practical activities include specializations in Rolling Stock Maintenance, Power Supply Distribution Maintenance, and Signaling and Communications Maintenance .

The trainees had technical lectures and took part in tool familiarization, simulation exercises, analog/CCTV systems setup, electrical system construction for railway power supply, and mini laboratory diorama.

FEATIU instructors and laboratory technicians assisted the PRI instructors during the activities held in the FEATIU Electrical / Electronics Communication Engineering workshops and in the FEATI Railways laboratory. The two (2) full-sized and fully equipped train coaches donated by Tokyo Metro Company Ltd of Japan to FEATIU located at the Railways laboratory formed part of the supervised lectures .

Tokyo Metro Company Ltd representives Mr. Masayoshi Nakajima (Senior Manager) , Mr. Takahiro Tanisaka ( Senior Manager) and Mr. Daiki Nakamura (Manager) were present during the activities.

The participants were also given a guided tour of the fully equipped laboratories of FEATIU Avionics, Aircraft Maintenance Technology and Aeronautical Engineering, which featured complete toolrooms, fully restored engines, and aircraft systems on display and used for lectures .

The practical activities were arranged courtesy of the partnership among FEATI University, the Philippine Railways Institute, and Tokyo Metro Company Ltd. (Japan).

FEATI University is now accepting enrollees in the Bachelor of Science in Railways Engineering (BSRE) program and other engineering programs with Railways specializations.,