FEATI at the PhilRailwayTech Conference 2024

The date was June 26, 2024 when more than 200 CXO’S, tech leaders, chief engineers, rail operators, and officials from the government, academe and business were at the Manila Marriott Hotel to hold the  PhilRailwayTech Conference | Expo 2024.

The one day event is the platform for railway professionals to share and expand their knowledge on new technologies and projects in the railway industry in the Philippines.

The conference  focuses on the crucial topics around the theme of technology, digitalization and innovation wherein  you will hear some 40+ Speakers/ panelists from railway project stakeholders sharing insightful content.

Along with the conference, is a small exhibition that covers the latest innovations and technology on digital rail, signaling & communications, operations & maintenance, asset management, mainline, and metro solutions.

Dr. Cesar F. Domingo of FEATI Professional Schools acted as a Moderator In one of the three panel discussions. The topic “Revolutionizing Rail Transport: Integrating Emerging Technologies for a Sustainable Future“  was presented through questions and expert responses from the three panelists.  Dr. Domingo was joined in the discussion by   Atty. Averill Amor of Panay Railways Inc., Officer-In-Charge/CEO;  Mr. Harshit Jain,  Design Manager and OCS/OCR Expert of Colas Rail Phils; and Engr. Deovanni Miranda,  Overall Deputy Project Manager, Metro Manila Subway Project, DOTr.