Congratulations, Architecture Awardees!

Engineering and Architecture Awards 2024

On April 25, 2024, the 6th Floor of FEATI University was filled with excitement as it hosted the 4th Engineering and Architecture Awards 2024. This prestigious event was a celebration and fellowship, recognizing the exceptional achievements of alumni, industry professionals, and students.


Among the honorees, Ar. Lucille E. Floresta (Batch 1982) was particularly notable, receiving the Professional Award for her distinguished career. She previously served as a faculty member at FEATI University from the late 1980s to the early 1990s before moving abroad, where she taught at architecture schools both in Manila and United States. She has also been honored twice as the Best Chapter President (Foreign-Based) by the United Architects of the Philippines. In April 2024, she was conferred the title of Member Emeritus by the United Architects of the Philippines in recognition of her 35 years of continuous and commendable service. Furthermore, she continues to enrich the architecture profession by giving back to students through her ongoing contributions and mentorship.


Ar. Jonas B. Rivera (Batch 2016) was honored with the Young Professional Award, acknowledging his significant contributions to the field. As one of the four Partner-Architects at The Boring Studio, he is dedicated to the exploration of Architecture, Architectural Interiors, Design, Arts, and Pedagogy. Despite his youth, he has already showcased his artistic talent by exhibiting Art Installations at esteemed institutions such as the College of Benilde and the Cultural Center of the Philippines.


The event additionally highlighted exceptional achievements in the Architecture Licensure Examination, recognizing Ar. Genn Martt B. Yap, Ar. Paola Joy N. Ibasco, and Ar. Patricia Milagros M. Maalat for their outstanding performance in both the 2022 and 2023 examinations.


Industry Partners Suma Architects, represented by the Principal Architect Ar. Erin T. Sumbilla, and Green Elevation, represented by the Principal Architect Ar. Vincent Raim A. Macavinta, were honored for their substantial contributions to the profession. These firms have played a crucial role by offering OJT opportunities to Senior High School students in the STEM Architecture program.


The Red Hat Award, recognizing exceptional students having the highest GPA in their year level for the previous school year, was presented to Carlos Miguel M. dela Cruz (3rd Year) and Rainiell F. Dayap (1st Year), underscoring the University’s commitment to nurturing future leaders in the field of architecture.


The United Architects of the Philippines Southern California Chapter received the FEATI Institutional Award for providing educational grants to four (4) Architecture Students. This initiative, reflecting the organization’s selfless dedication, ensures that no student is left behind due to financial constraints or lack of resources necessary for pursuing a degree in Architecture. The award was received by UAP SoCal’s Past President, Ar. Lucille E. Floresta.


The 4th Engineering and Architecture Awards not only celebrated the past and present achievements of FEATI University’s community but also set the stage for a future filled with promise and innovation. Through recognition of excellence and commitment, the event underscored the importance of the University’s role in shaping the leaders of tomorrow in engineering and architecture.