Science and Technology Expo 2024

It has been FEATI’s tradition to hold the annual Science and Technology Expo since 2004 to showcase how much times have changed and what different advancements in research have been done in the past years. The last known expo was held in the year 2019, which was 4 years ago. It was a challenge unlike no other to rise up and execute a much different but at the same time, similar expo that has always been part of the journey of a young FEATINIAN Student.

The opening program of the S&T Expo 2024 was held in the Activity Center and the Gym for all the booths with their respective exhibits. Guest of honor, Secretary Renato U. Solidum Jr., graced the event and with his talk, filled the hearts and minds of all people, young and old, to appreciate what research has done in our lifetime. As the ribbons were cut, and the doors to the gym were opened, different people, from all walks of life, carried on and viewed the exhibit tirelessly, igniting their passion to believe that anyone could invent or innovate different things, as long as there is passion and love for what they are accomplishing. It all ended with the different research winners for conceptual, documented, and best booth. All in all, it was an exhilarating event that truly captured FEATI’s love for Research and Development that would surely continue and captivate in the years to come.