On the 18th of January 2024, COLAS Rail Phils., and Professional Schools organized and held the following technical seminars;

Engr. John Mc Evan Bocayong
Requirements & Configuration Engineer

Bernie Pusung
HSE Manager

Close to sixty (60) students from different degree programs attended the seminar that was held at the new Railways Classroom ( 3rd F, Bldg. 3). The speakers were introduced by Engr. John Argon Limcauco of COLAS Rail Phils. Inc. Engr. Limcauco is a FEATIU alumnus (BSME, Batch 2015).

The event was made possible through the efforts between Dr. Cesar F. Domingo, Director of Professional Schools and Ms. Ella Bella D. Baral, HR Manager of COLAS Rail Phils., with assistance from Ms. Gina Vibar of FEATI Professional Schools.

The seminars mark the beginning of a series of activities between the two industry partners in promoting a career in railways technology and engineering. In the Philippines, Colas Rail is presently working on two major projects respectively, the Metro Manila Subway Project and North South Commuter Rail. Their capabilities include: System Integration, Project Management, Trackwork, Electrification, Power Supply Systems Maintenance.

In the coming months, the FEATI.Railways – COLAS Rail Program will launch the following;

  1.  Management Development Trainee Program –Selection and onboarding of cadet engineers and personnel with exposure for one to two months per specialty. Graduation from the cadetship program will be a full-time employee of the company with additional training and benefits to prepare them for the Junior Manager function.
  2. Internship Program – Prioritizing female engineers and physically challenged in addition to qualified male candidates.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility Project- conduct talks to youth to enroll in the railway engineering/operations program while we guarantee their possible career under Colas Rail.
  4. Echo Session – Foreign experts in COLAS Rail Phils.  to conduct talks/symposiums Career Talk for students who will soon graduate from FEATI University, preferably in the engineering major sector.
  5. A skills test program in FEATI University for job applicants of COLAS Rail Phils.,
  6. Selection and accommodation of FEATI instructors to participate in short industry level courses designed to enhance the level of delivery of training of students.