FEATI High School Department believes in tapping the full potential of its young FEATINIANs. It espouses that learning is enhanced by exposing students to more hands-on activities in the workshop areas, Science, Solidworks and Robotics laboratories or visits to factory sites and industry plants.

It also reinforces good values and the Catholic Christian faith by offering Values Formation and Religion as additional courses which are integrated in all high school subjects. These are all experienced and acquired by FEATI High School students aside from the fundamental education in language communication, sciences, mathematics, social sciences, physical education and humanities.

Junior High School

At FEATI University, we believe that a strong and well-rounded academic foundation is essential for success. We also understand that choosing a Senior High School track and strand can be somewhat daunting. Hence, we offer Junior High School (JHS) with a curriculum designed to align Grade 7 up to Grade 10 students with their Senior High School years. 

Our JHS program prepares students for either the academic or the technical-vocational livelihood track that they want to pursue in Grades 11 and 12. This is our way of ensuring a seamless transition and a head start towards their desired career path.

In addition to the core subjects in English, Mathematics, Science, Filipino, Social Studies, and Physical Education, we offer a variety of elective courses that cater to different interest and strengths. 

Our elective subjects in robotics, computer graphics and literacy, electrical or electronics engineering, bookkeeping and accountancy, journalism, and other specialized areas allow students to explore their passions and discover their potential. 

These in turn guide them towards the Senior High School track and strand that will lead or affirm their desired baccalaureate degree.

Our Junior High School (JHS) curriculum also focuses on developing & reinforcing good values, critical thinking, problem-solving including written and verbal communication skills, which are highly valued by employers in today’s rapidly changing job market. By cultivating these competencies in JHS, we prepare our students not only for Senior High School but also for success beyond graduation. 

Join us at FEATI University Junior High School and set the stage for a bright future ahead.


FEATI High School Department will be the school of choice of Junior and Senior High School students who are aspiring to become competent and sought-after professionals in the fields of Aeronautics and Aircraft Maintenance Technology, Engineering with specialization in railways, Maritime, Architecture, Business & Tourism Management, Customs Administration, Accountancy, Communication and Fine Arts.


FEATI High School will achieve its vision by:

  • Employing a more engaging, experiential and hands-on learning environment and activities;
  • Equipping and enriching students with useful, up-to-date and relevant ideas, and concepts through factory or industry plant visits, symposia, interviews and work immersion in the facility of industry partners;
  • Promoting good study and work habits among high school students through various related activities, in and out of the halls of their Alma Mater


FEATI High School Department aims to:

  • Provide its students with relevant and collaborative learning experiences and opportunities grounded on sound Christian values;
  • Develop the students’ potential to the full extent of their capabilities;
  • Emphasize the intellectual, socio-civic, and spiritual dimensions of its educational thrusts by aligning its academic programs with the aptitude and future chosen careers of its students;
  • Prepare its students to make them responsible and productive individuals who are ready to serve God, country and humanity.

Faculty Profile

Faculty Academic Background & Teaching Experience

Mr. Sonny Damasco

  • Master’s in Education Major in Mathematics
  • BS Commerce Major in Bus. Administration
  • BS Statistics 
  • Years of Teaching: 35 years

Mrs. Evelyn Gonzales

  • (Master Study) Guidance and Counseling-Academic requirements finished.
  • BS Kinder Education
  • BS Elementary Education major in Home Economics
  •  Years of Teaching: 46 years

Mr. MC Gerard De Jesus

  • BSE Major In Filipino
  • Master of Arts in Education Major in Filipino
  • Adviser Grade 11
  • Years of Teaching: 5 years

Ms. Dianne Manalo

  • BSE Major in MAPEH
  • Adviser Grade 12
  •  Years of Teaching: 8 years

Engr. Sofia Rey

  • BS  Electronics & Communications Engineering
  • Years of Teaching: 5 years

Sr. Ceres Castillejo

  • Religion Teacher

Ms. Michelle Constantino

  • BS  Computer Science 
  • Master in Information Technology
  • Doctor in Information Technology (37units)

Ar. Deanna Marie Pacis-Ilaga

  • BS Architecture
  • Years of Teaching: 13 years

Ms. Vanjie DIaz

  • BS Civil Engineering
  • Digital Graphic Designer
  • Years of Teaching: 4 years

Engr. John Louie Climacosa

  • BS Aeronautical Engineering

Engr. Aaron Daniel Delima

  • BS Aeronautical Engineering