High School

In the mid-1940s you and I were not in this realm yet neither were your parents whereas FEATI has begun its fruitful and eventful existence.

While venturing as INAEC then later renamed to FEATI Airlines after World War II to bring produce and make people explore distant localities in the Philippines and neighboring Asian countries in just a matter of hours, FEATI University also started its noble mission of educating the Filipino youth. These Filipinos became the 1st pilots, aircraft mechanics and aeronautical engineers of the country. Fondly known as FEATI Tech then, it has able to hone the intellect of Filipinos in aircraft design, repair, and engineering.

The founders Dr. Salvador and Victoria Araneta believed that the younger an individual is, the easier it is to mold its character and intellect. Thus, aside from offering college education, FEATI also opened its doors to high school students.

In keeping with its tenet of “learning by doing and its vision of preparing the youth for their degree programs, FEATINIAN high school students are constantly exposed to sessions related to technology, entrepreneurship, maritime, engineering and you guessed it, aviation. Science fairs involve projects that were not only on research paper but were working ones too.

Students explore and enjoy working in the workshop areas of the Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical and Aeronautics department including the Science and maritime laboratories and the radio and TV station under the mentorship of their teachers who were more than eager to share with them the ways of doing things.

Since FEATI is not only concerned with sharpening the intellect but also tapping the creative, athletic, and spiritual aspect of the students entrusted to them, FEATI has always made learning an inclusive one to make a holistic metamorphosis of each student.

Extra and co-curricular activities that allow students to showcase their skills and talents or improve their potentials have been an integral part of the curriculum of the high school department. Creating 3-dimensional projects or models of objects, being an active member of an arts guild or Student Catholic Action are among the initiatives that make high school FEATINIANs distinct from the rest.

Students work with their peers under the thorough guidance of their competent teachers. Industry specialists are among the faculty members in the high school department, hence at the onset, skill sets of FEATInians are attuned to what industries are looking for in their workforce.

You can just imagine the thrill of those high school students or their excitement when presenting their tableau, diorama & handcrafted projects to guests or students from other schools within the halls or beyond the boundaries of FEATI.

These learning opportunities including visiting orphanages and hospices are additional avenues for high school FEATInians to imbibe the value of discipline, empathy, respect, admirable work ethics, and humility in service.

Moving along with the changes of the millennium, FEATIU continues to adapt and has brought innovative ways of giving high school students fun, engaging, and effective ways of learning.

Without negating the old ways of creating engineering drawings, architectural designs and paintings, simple coding for computer games, basic electricity and electronics, digital photo enhancement, computer-assisted drawing and design using Solidworks including introduction to artificial intelligence through Robotics are also learned as early as Gr7. It’s not a wonder when a young kid enrolled in FEATI can program an alarm for their household use, setup electrical lights or repair simple gadgets, complete a house sketch plan using a computer or even program their own website.

Classes do not exceed 40 students to make mentorship efficient and really personalized. Having only a small number of students, teachers get to know how their students process thoughts and ideas. They are able to help them one group at a time or a student at a time.

On the other hand, all students have the chance to become part of the discussion, planning and execution of those big ideas. They can freely ask their mentors on an issue or difficulty with the task at hand. Everybody knows everybody else in the department not just in the classroom.

FEATINIAN high school students get to learn also how to be pro-active members of the team by either acting as the group’s speaker, writer, designer, or leader. Each potential skill can be uncovered or better yet improved.

Guided by its five core values of integrity, equality, accountability, scholarship and patriotism, FEATINIANS are raised to become good & mature Christians with a deep sense of faith. Honesty, diligence, perseverance, commitment and being responsible are among the traits that are inculcated in them. To lend a helping hand to friends or schoolmates who are having difficulty with their studies and make sure that no one is left behind or sharing their material blessings through donation drives to those affected by calamities is something that FEATINIANs embrace as they move along with their FEATI life. They see the world not in a myopic and self-centered sense but through the broader lens and perspective of a caring, dependable, humble and willing to serve individuals.