Creativity Beyond the Canvass, Creating Realities in a World of Color

Express yourself through Fine Arts. Your artistic passion through mediums such as brush and canvass may lead you to a lucrative and colorful career in these fields that have to do with personal creativity and self-expression: advertising, design, theater, cinema, and even computerized animation.


The Great FEATI Experience

The College of Fine Arts at the FEATI University offers a lot of colorful choices and opportunities to hone one’s creative talent and skill to create wonderful works of art that make communities vibrant and dynamic.

Our four-year degree program focuses on developing skills in studio drawing, painting, art history, art theory, aesthetics, two and three-dimensional design (2D/3D), graphic digital arts, and multi-media production. In addition, students are taught the cornerstone of art: visual education, technical skills, and aesthetic understanding.

If you have more than a passing fancy for painting and drawing, this program will lay the foundation for you and take your natural gifts to the next exciting level!