“To Get You Ahead In the World of Business… choose FEATI University College of Business”

At FEATI University College of Business, industry practitioners serve as teachers and students’ mentors. Every student gets a well-rounded outlook on every subject, from theory to practical applications in the world of business. We get the student a step ahead of others.

While the College of Business responds to the times, we remain true to the values of our founders, Don Salvador Araneta and Doña Victoria Lopez de Araneta. We nurture a Christian community whose members are devoted in their relationship with God, just in their dealings with others, dedicated to the acquisition of management knowledge, and appreciative of art and culture. The FEATI Management graduate shall be a socially responsible individual and an agent of change, professional in relationships, and entrepreneurial in outlook.



Espousing the FEATINIAN values, the FEATI University College of Business shall be the preferred educational institution for Management studies for aspiring managers, professionals and entrepreneurs committed in helping to transform the society.



The FEATI University College of Business provides its students the academic and practical knowledge to develop them to become effective managers, professionals or entrepreneurs, who exemplify the FEATINIAN values of integrity, scholarship, accountability, equality and patriotism.

The student shall acquire knowledge through critical thinking, research and application of this knowledge in the real situation.

They shall accomplish this while being socially responsible persons and agents of change.