Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Visual Communication

The Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in the Visual Communication curriculum is focused on the advancement of the ability to use traditional and current technologies to create effective advertising, publications, editorial, corporate, information, website, and new media design.

The student is educated to become a media specialist who gives form to ideas and information. Equal emphasis is given to concept development and problem-solving skills that may be applicable to professional pursuits.

The Great FEATI Advantage

The student of Fine Arts has the distinct advantage of acquiring unique skills since the curriculum allows maximum exposure to different areas of visual arts with historical perspective.

The curriculum includes the basic of fine arts, the fundamentals and the special subjects that bring out the best in every student – for each and every one to harness the full creative potential to perfect his/her art.

The FEATI student of Fine Arts has the competitive advantage because of the following:

Aside from the CHED required subjects for visual communications, FEATI Fine Arts students are taught hands-on Painting subjects and encouraged to participate in art contests and exhibits. As a result, FEATI Fine Arts students and graduates are known for having a highly developed sense of aesthetics, actual experience in the practical side of art making, and the corresponding skills-set needed by the Filipino artist in the 21st century.

The Great FEATI Partnership

Students taking up Fine Arts are exposed to art history, arts in its various forms and era or preservation of masterpieces of arts through the strong linkages that the FEATI School of Fine Arts has forged all these years.

The Great FEATI Reward

A graduate of the Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Visual Communication has the whole world for his/her canvass as great opportunities await them as they strike the final stroke of their brush upon entering the creative industry.

The FEATI graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts can pursue any of the following careers:

  • Fine Artist
  • Illustrator
  • Museum/gallery curator.
  • Photographer
  • Animator
  • Graphic designer
  • Exhibition designer
  • Arts administrator
  • Printmaker
  • Teacher/Professor
  • Media
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Brand Management
  • Public Relations

The Great FEATI Legacy

To be at the College of Fine Arts is to be in the company of notable artists who have carved a name for themselves in the creative arts with several distinctions and accolades.

A. Andrew Tan

  • BSP Microfinance Poster Art Competition, 1st Place 2014
  • Metrobank Art & Design Excellence Awards (MADE) Painting Category, Grand Prize Winner 2015

B. Wilbert Custodio

  • Metrobank Art & Design Excellence Awards (MADE) Painting Category, Grand Prize Winner 2014

C. Ronante “Chas” Maratas

  • Metrobank Art & Design Excellence Awards (MADE) Oil-based Medium, Grand Prize Winner 2014
  • Sininglangan Dos On-the-Spot Ballpen Art Drawing Contest Grand Prize Winner 2013

D. Paul Christopher Adriano

  • Shell National Students Arts Competition (NSAC) Watercolor Category, 1st Place 2011

E. Lance Kirby Yaneza

  • Vision Petron Oil/Acrylic Category, Grand Prize Winner 2009
  • Petron National Students Arts Competition (NSAC) Oil/Acrylic Category, Grand Prize Winner 2012

F. Randalf Dilla

  • GSIS Painting Competition, 1st Place 2007
  • AMLC On-the-Spot Poster Making Contest, Grand Prize Winner 2007

G. Marilou Solano

  • 70th UST On-the-Spot Painting Contest, Grand Prize Winner 2011

H. Roel Robert Aquino

  • Vision Petron Photography Category, Grand Prize Winner 2010

A world and country significantly impacted in the areas of arts, advertising, graphic design, mass media and multi-media by God-fearing, principled, creative, confident, and highly competent leaders trained and inspired by the FEATI School of Fine Arts.


To provide students with the best possible training, preparation, and scholarship necessary to achieve excellence in the arts, leadership in their fields of work, and fulfillment in their personal lives.


Faculty Academic Background & Teaching Experience

Young, Janice L.

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Ranola, Juan Nathaniel G.

  • Master of Fine Arts (on-going)
  • Villamar, Joseph A.

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Sebastian, Aner A.

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
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