We are here for you!


Going to college is like going on a journey. You have an idea of where you want to go but you need help to navigate the difficulties along the way.


FEATI University Student Services provide personalized student support to assist you with everything from academic planning to a broad range of student services and resources in order to offer the best experience possible. These include career development services to help you reach your professional goals, student orientation and academic advising services to get you prepared for the challenges of a student's life. To look after your well-being while in the campus, there is student health services that provide emergency first aid, medications for common physical and dental ailments, annual physical examinations as well as lectures and seminars that promote healthy lifestyle. The University also provides professional individual and group counseling services for a wide range of student concerns. For your safety and security, there is an Internal Security group who operates 24/7 and also coordinates with the local government unit to ensure your protection from any harm or threat within the proximity of the campus. More importantly, FEATI University is cognizant of the need for spiritual growth of its students. It has a Campus Ministry unit that administers programs and activities that guide and mold you to become good, mature and responsible Catholic Christians.


You Are Our Priority. The entire STUDENT SERVICES team is committed to helping FEATINIANS have the most successful educational experience possible from the time you enroll in the University and until you earn your chosen degree. Whatever the need, FEATIU has the right tools for your success.