To underscore the commitment of FEATI University in establishing a world class railways program in engineering technology and operations management, Dr. Cesar F. Domingo , Deputy to the CEO and Director of Professional Schools, and Dean Tristan H. Macapanpan, AVP for Academic Affairs took comprehensive training courses at the MTR Academy in Hongkong .

Dr. C.F. Domingo and Dean THMacapanpan completed the Professional Certificate   in Operations and Engineering for Railways Services Provisions (PCOER) held on 06 -09 November 2018. Dr. C.F. Domingo also completed the Executive Certificate in Asset Management (ECAM) that was held in 18 – 24 November 2018 while Dean T.H. Macapanpan finished the course Executive Certificate in Railways Operations Management (ECROM) held on 03 – 07 December 2018. The high level courses on railways were delivered in the MTR Academy training facilities in Hongkong.

Selected industry experts mostly from the MTR Corporation handled the various modules dealing with rolling stock , signalling & communications, station operations, maintenance , operations control and asset management among others. The experts shared in detail the MTR experience which spanned close to 40 years. MTR is considered to rank as one of the best commuter railways operator in the world with a ridership of more than 6 million a day and an average of 99.99% on time arrivals.

The seminars’ participants were a mix of executives and officers from railways operators and regulators from Australia, Singapore, China,   Indonesia, Malaysia, Hongkong and the Philippines.

Dr. C.F. Domingo and Dean T.H. Macapanpan will be delivering echo seminars through the Professional Schools next year to share the world class MTR experience  to local railways professionals and those interested in learning about this new and growing transportation industry. (CFD)