Three Revelries When FEATIU Turned Diamond


FEATI began its nobler mission of educating the Filipino youth when it started as FEATI School of Aeronautics which produced the country's first Filipino pilots, aircraft mechanics and aeronautical engineers. It steadily supplied pilots and aircraft mechanics to INAEC, the first Asian and first Filipino-owned airline which was later renamed as FEATI Airlines in the mid-1940s. 

Incorporated in 1946, FEATI Institute of Technology was granted University status in 1959. It remained focused in achieving its goal and aspiration of honing the intellect and skills of Filipinos not only in aircraft engineering, design, and repair but also in other fields of engineering, architecture, business, customs administration, mass communication, maritime education, visual communication through its Fine Arts program, and railways engineering. These comprise the roster of degree program offerings of the University.

This year (2021) marks the 75th founding anniversary of FEATI University. There could have been a grand celebration in the campus on June 6 in the presence of the entire FEATI community but, due to COVID-19 quarantine restrictions, the celebration was held virtually instead. This did not, in any way, dampen the spirit of FEATINIANS as they actively participated in the virtual activities to commemorate this milestone in the history of FEATI.

Aside from the 75th founding anniversary in June, two other remarkable events were held virtually, namely, Founders' Day which is also the birth anniversary of FEATI foundress Victoria Lopez Araneta on March 6, and University Day on August 10.  

Each of these special occasions were celebrated with a Thanksgiving Mass to give glory and honor to God's providential care and blessings. Technology made it possible for FEATINIANS all over the world to join in the revelry.  They reminisced and relived their days in FEATI while watching the well-crafted audio visual presentations that showcased the vision and legacy of its founders, as well as FEATI's innovations and inventions.

In its more than seven decades of existence, FEATI continues to draw inspiration from the vision and legacy of its founders. The countless successful graduates of FEATI through the dynamic, engaging and industry-aligned curricula of its programs is FEATI's valuable contribution to society.

Congratulations and Bravo, FEATI University!