Electrical Engineering in Railways

Aside from a respected Engineering degree, a promising railway career awaits you. The most important responsibility of an Electrical Engineer in a railway system is the electric power utilization. Electric power is either directly used in simple applications such as fans, air conditioning, . . . . Read more


Railway Mechanical Engineering

Have you ever wondered how mammoth locomotives able to bring people and heavy cargoes safely to their destination passing scenic routes or in very risky and dangerous railroad tracks in some cases? Thanks to Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering in the railway industry is needed in the . . . . Read more


FEATI U to work with MTR Academy Hong Kong for inclusion of railway engineering and technology in its engineering programs

FEATI University has once again raised the bar when it signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the MTR Academy (MTRA) of Hong Kong to support its efforts in the inclusion of engineering and railway technology in its engineering programs.  Already offering recognized engineering programs, the . . . . Read more