FEATI University successfully balances academics and athletics.

FEATI.Sports aims to foster the total development of the students. The University recognizes different sports and athletic activities as appropriate venue for harmonizing their academic, social, moral and physical development.

Through FEATI.Sports, the University develops students into becoming responsible members of society by providing a setting where they learn the value of sportsmanship. Sportsmanship means playing clean and handling both victory and defeat with grace, style and dignity. Being a part of a sports team, students also develop crucial social skills like teamwork. They are taught that, for a team to effectively work together, all members must respect each other’s abilities, contributions, and opinions.

It is easy to make athletics and physical fitness a regular part of The Great FEATI Experience (TGFE) at FEATI University. In fact, more than 50% percent of our students are involved in some kind of athletics—and nearly everyone joins in cheering on their friends and classmates and showing the FEATI Blue & Gold pride.

Sports activities include regular Physical Education classes, intramurals, varsity sports, sports festivals, and a lot more.

The University sports facilities include an indoor gym, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and badminton courts, strength and conditioning facilities.