Admission Procedures

Online Application

Freshmen/High School Graduates

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Step 1. Admission

A. Application Phase

a. Fill-in Inquiry Table Maintenance

b. Tour FEATI campus facilities with designated CSA tour guide

c. Fill-in Consultation sheet

B. Testing Phase

a. Pay FCAT fee at the Cashier

b. Take the FCAT at the Admission Office Testing Center

C. Registration or Pro-forma Phase SRAA (Student Registration/Advising/Assessment)

a. Proceed to a computer workstation after receiving your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

b. Log in with the Username and default password given to you

c. Fill up all necessary information in the electronic registration form;

d. Choose your subjects and class schedules; and get an assessment of your fees. If you need help, request assistance from an office staff.

e. When done, get a hard copy of your registration form.

f. Proceed to the Cashier.

Step 2. Payment

A. At the Cashier, pay the fee based on the assessment form.

B. Get a copy of the electronic pro-forma and the machine-validated receipt.

C. Proceed to Registrar.

Step 3.  Registrar

A. Sign your official registration copy. You are officially enrolled.

B. Get your file copy of the registration form.

For further information, please email, write or call:

Admission Services
Helios St. Sta. Cruz, Manila
Telephone: (+63) 966 463 5882 to 85 or (+63) 947 818 7715 / or (+63) 947 818 7738 
or (+63) 947 818 7755 / or (+63) 947 818 7723