FEATI High School Department believes in tapping the full potential of its young FEATINIANs. It espouses that learning is enhanced by exposing students to more hands-on activities in the workshop areas, Science, Solidworks and Robotics laboratories or visits to factory sites and industry plants. It also reinforces good values and the Catholic Christian faith by offering Values Formation and Religion as additional courses which are integrated in all high school subjects. These are all experienced and acquired by FEATI High School students aside from the fundamental education in language communication, sciences, mathematics, social sciences, physical education and humanities.

Senior High School

The fields of Arts, Business, Technology and Engineering have always been in the forefront of academic offerings of FEATI University. Over the last 7 decades, the University has consistently raised the bar of excellence with its graduates regularly topping the board exams and recognized as highly valued professionals, eventually becoming leaders of industries here and abroad. This culture of excellence is given a powerful thrust towards more prominent heights with the FEATI Senior High School program. 

The FEATI Senior High School program exceeds the standards required by DepEd. The facilities are the same as that used by students in FEATI University. It may be noted that most of the University's degree programs are compliant to the qualification criteria of the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Council of Accreditation (PACUCOA). The instruction staff are composed of college professors, many of whom are also experienced in handling high school courses in the role of head teachers. Mentoring or remedial classes are held to help students who have difficulty in their academics.

Students entering FEATI Senior High School are taught with and given the modern tools and knowledge to equip and prepare them for college. Classes are conducted making use of digital technology in communicating lessons, projects and in class presentations. Instructors and students interact primarily through the school's information system called egroupware.

FEATI Senior High School offers three (3) academic strands and one (1) technical-vocational and livelihood (TVL) track for Grade 11 and 12.

The TVL track offers Maritime for students who want to finish a rating course which will help them find a job aboard a shipping vessel after Grade 12. TVL- Maritime is a step towards earning a degree in Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering.  

For students who are determined to take up a bachelor's degree in college, FEATI Senior High School has three (3) academic strands that they can choose from. These strands are:

(1) STEM which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

The STEM strand is suited for those who want to enter the medical and allied professions such as chemists, physicists, pharmacists, dentists, doctors, physical therapists, nurses, medical technologists, botanists, zoologists or mathematicians, architects, engineers, aircraft mechanics, ship captains and railway technologists. 

While in Senior High School, future engineers and professionals indulge in the rudiments of drafting, computer-aided design, robotics, as well as developing projects for Science & Technology research. The projects are made part of their curricular requirements. Students' projects with potential for further development and industry application are selected and entered into interschool competitions and exhibits. 

The program also sharpens technical skills by providing tools that are evidently in demand of future professionals.  In addition, they will have learned how to operate common workshop equipment. In the course of learning these skills, students will be required to create projects of their own designs.

Most importantly, they are exposed to workshop environment and go for technical visits to the facilities of FEATI University's various industry partners or linkages. 

(2) HUMSS means Humanities and Social Sciences 

HUMSS is for students whose interests and strengths lean more toward the visual or performing arts, journalism or communication, philosophy and social work. Writers, poets, film directors, field reporters, painters, digital arts specialists, and social workers get a taste of the profession in the HUMSS strand during their Senior High days and especially in the work immersion. 

(3) ABM strand is the acronym for Accountancy, Business and Management

Future entrepreneurs, bookkeepers, accountants, custom brokers, tourism and business managers are not only prepared academically in the ABM strand but are also given the chance to see and experience for themselves how to become business owners by putting up a mini-stall in a bazaar, creating the financial reports after the sale in the bazaar and reporting it during the post-work immersion panel interview.

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