FEATI High School Department believes in tapping the full potential of its young FEATINIANs. It espouses that learning is enhanced by exposing students to more hands-on activities in the workshop areas, Science, Solidworks and Robotics laboratories or visits to factory sites and industry plants. It also reinforces good values and the Catholic Christian faith by offering Values Formation and Religion as additional courses which are integrated in all high school subjects. These are all experienced and acquired by FEATI High School students aside from the fundamental education in language communication, sciences, mathematics, social sciences, physical education and humanities.

Junior High School 

The curricula of Grades 7 up to Grade 10 have subjects which are aligned to the senior high school years. These prepare the students for the track that they want to pursue in Grades 11 and 12. Elective subjects in computer literacy, engineering, accountancy and journalism are just a few of the courses that help students find their strength and interest thereby aiding them in choosing the senior high school track and strand that will lead to their baccalaureate degrees.