High School


The FEATI High School Department will be the school of choice of Junior and Senior High School students who are aspiring to become competent and sought-after professionals in the fields of Aeronautics and Aircraft Maintenance Technology, Engineering with specialization in railways, Maritime, Architecture, Business & Tourism Management, Customs Administration, Accountancy, Communication and Fine Arts.


FEATI High School will achieve its vision by:

• Employing a more engaging, experiential and hands-on learning environment and activities;

 Equipping and enriching students with useful, up-to-date and relevant ideas, and concepts through factory or industry plant visits, symposia, interviews and work immersion in the facility of industry partners; 

 Promoting good study and work habits among high school students through various related activities, in and out of the halls of their Alma Mater


The FEATI High School Department aims to:

 provide its students with relevant and collaborative learning experiences and opportunities grounded on sound Christian values;

 develop the students’ potential to the full extent of their capabilities;

 emphasize the intellectual, socio-civic, and spiritual dimensions of its educational thrusts by aligning its academic programs with the aptitude and future chosen careers of its students;

 prepare its students to make them responsible and productive individuals who are ready to serve God, country and humanity.

Junior High School
Senior High School