College of Maritime Education



The College of Maritime Education of FEATI University will be a world-class maritime education center producing officers and leaders in the maritime industry through its excellent academic and training programs and state-of-the-art facilities.



· To produce highly educated, qualified and competent men and women merchant marine officers serving the shipping industry, transportation, engineering and industrial interests of the country and global maritime-related businesses.

· To provide the highest maritime education and training for its students, developing and maximizing their potentials, understanding and competencies using the latest technologies, with the commitment of continuous support, participation and involvement of all faculty members, employees, stakeholders, and industry partners.



The College of Maritime Education shall provide the highest quality education in producing competent merchant marine officers with the right ethics, attitude and discipline.

The College ensures compliance with regulatory and international requirements to maintain quality standards through periodic review of its QMS.


Department of Marine Transportation
Department of Marine Engineering