Builders of Industry, Partners in Nation-Building

Mechanical Engineering is one of the many programs in engineering with a very broad range of application. The founders of FEATI University, with their prolific vision to contribute to the rehabilitation of the war-torn Philippines in the 1940s, decided to offer the Mechanical Engineering program to educate and produce highly knowledgeable and competent professionals in different fields.

Both the research and the education in Mechanical Engineering Program focus on such cutting-edge technologies as electro-hydrodynamics, energetic materials, engineered particulates and micro-fluid dynamics technologies.

The Great FEATI Experience

At the onset, the Mechanical Engineering program of FEATI University focused on core competencies that were vital to reconstruction efforts in the country after World War II and offered the following:

• Power and Industrial Plant

• Machine design and fabrication

• Air-conditioning, Ventilation, and Refrigeration System

• Pumping and Air handling system

• Material handling system including equipment for people movement

• Fire protection and safety

Fast forward to the new millennium, the Mechanical Engineering Department offers courses and specialized subjects attuned to the demands of the modern world. Mechanical Engineering students are provided with the theory and practice of power generation, transmission and its use, the design, construction and testing of all kinds of machinery and thermodynamics. The course prepares the student to enter any industry dealing with heat, power, materials, and machines.  FEATI University is one of the universities in the Philippines that had a steam turbo-generator and a complete hydro-electric plant consisting of a Leffel reaction turbine that have the same set up as the Caliraya and Botocan power units which are directly coupled to an electric generator.

The Great FEATI Advantage

We believe that the extensive academic and field experiences of our faculty members in the various areas of Mechanical Engineering are, without a doubt, a big plus factor for our students. They are given hands-on instruction in mini-power production right in our laboratory and their learning is validated by actual site visitation to the different power and industrial plants in the country. These methods and practices adhere to the outcomes-based education that the department is strongly adopting to achieve the desired learning objectives and end-results.

The department takes pride in having competent and knowledgeable faculty members.


The department, with the assistance of its faculty members and staff, builds and empowers students by bringing together alumni and upperclassmen to collaborate and participate in mentoring activities like seminar-workshops, symposiums, and convocations.

The Great FEATI Partnership

The Mechanical Engineering Department of FEATI University provides its students the privileged opportunity to chart their careers in the industry with its strong institutional partners that belong to leading companies in the country. Its Industry Partners are as follows:

• AG New World Manila Bay Hotel

• Zenith Foods Corporation

• F.R. Sevilla Industries

• Semirara Mining Corporation

The Great FEATI Reward

Our graduates of Mechanical Engineering get to experience the best of both worlds once they leave the halls of the University. With their acquired knowledge and skills, they are more than ready to face the real world armed with the FEATI brand of education and their passion to excel in their respective fields of expertise.

The Great FEATI Legacy

From circa 1960 to this date, FEATI University has produced the most number of Mechanical Engineers who became highly successful in their careers, both here and abroad. Some of our notable alumni are:

Engr. Ceferino Follosco – BSME, FEATI University 1953. Master’s in Management  

  1963. Former DOST Secretary, 1989-1992

• Engr Pio Buenavidez – BSME, FEATI University 1975. President and General

   Manager, National Power Corporation

• Engr. Ernesto Casis – BSME, FEATI University 1971. PRC Most Outstanding

  Mechanical Engineer in 2009

• Engr. Archie Maglaya - BSME, FEATI University 1978. PRC Most Outstanding

  Mechanical Engineer in 2017

• Engr. Ricardo del Rosario - BSME, FEATI University 1959. Most Outstanding Alumni,

  1st Placer in the PRC Mechanical and Refrigeration Engineering Licensure