The Great FEATI Experience

The Department of Information Technology offers three academic programs, namely, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and Associate in Computer Technology, all with a comprehensive curriculum at par with the industry.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT)

 This four-year degree program prepares the student to become an IT professional with the competencies, skills, and attitudes needed to assure the company’s success in the use of ICT.

 The new IT curriculum is aligned with some ASEAN countries, preparing the students for immediate employment locally and abroad.

 The program focuses on the latest mobile programming, web development, and industry-based approach in providing business solutions. An IT graduate can then become an android developer, a xamarin developer, a technopreneur, game designer, or an expert researcher.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS)

 This four-year degree program focuses on building a deep comprehension of Computer Science theories by students to help them understand the current applications and trends, which can provide opportunities for the students to suggest and/or deliberate on improvements, corrections, or generation of new applications.

 The Computer Science Program is focused on the concepts and theories, algorithmic foundations, implementation and application of information and computing solutions.

 The Program includes technical elective requirements that provide students an opportunity to specialize in one (or two) specific sub-fields of Computer Science, leading to a project or funded research.

 The core Computer Science requirements represent essential knowledge for all computer scientists.

Associate in Computer Technology (ACT)

 The ACT program is a two-year offering that prepares the students to work in a particular field commensurate to their skills. The students are given the opportunity of ladderized education that could lead to a BS Computer Science or BS Information Technology degree.

The Great FEATI Advantage

The Department, with the assistance of its faculty members and staff, builds and empowers students by bringing together alumni and upperclassmen to collaborate and participate in mentoring activities like seminar-workshops, symposia, and convocations.

The IT programs of the University also provide an educational environment conducive to doing research and other hands-on projects that unleash the students' creativity and critical thinking abilities.


- The students and faculty are doing collaborative research with the Senior High School and other departments of the College of Engineering.

 Projects / hands-on

- Some of the students are involved in private and government projects when it comes to computerized electoral systems at the Technological University of the Philippines, DMCI Websites, PLDT systems, and non-government organization’s website applications.

The BSIT Program was granted PACUCOA Level 1 Accredited Status by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP).

The Great Partnership

The IT Program provides students the opportunity to practice what they learn in the classroom in the real workplace through on-the-job training offered by partner companies and organizations such as ACESTAR International Services, Inc., CA Hernandez Development Group Inc., ITPROASIA.Com, Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO), News and Information Bureau (NIB), and the Philippine News Agency (PNA).  RPM Business Solutions is also another IT industry partner of the Department.

The Great FEATI Reward

There are many starting points for a career in Information Technology through the FEATI brand of education.  Ensured with highest quality standard of academic excellence, IT graduates are rewarded with numerous career options for professional development, as follows:

IT Degree

 Specializes in IT

Business Degree with an IT “focus”

 Specializes in Business

Industry Experience

 Focuses on the needs of a business entity

IT Management

 CIO, Director of IT

IT “Specialist”

 An expert or specialist in an IT role or discipline

IT “Generalist”

 Breadth of knowledge across multiple IT roles or disciplines

Fields of Specialization

 Programming - all the things that make the games work: controls, rendering and the game shell.

 Design - designing the different levels of the game, the moment-to-moment game play, defining set piece moves of characters and the moments that will 'wow' game players.

 Art - 3D models and animation. As consoles become more powerful, game developers seek to add more detail and definition when bringing characters and scenery to life.

• Audio - creating high-quality sound effects and music. Increasingly, games include Dolby surround sound as players demand games with film or movie quality sound.

IT Sector Career Opportunities


The Great FEATI Legacy


Notable IT Alumnus & renowned graduate


FEATIU BSIT Batch 2008. Project Manager, Project Management Group Service Delivery and CEM. One of the FEATI Professional Alumni Awardees during the FEATI Engineering and Architecture Awards 2017. He became a Project Manager for various IT projects in Call Center Solution for DILG Patrol 911 (Emergency Hotline), Point Products of Philippine Arena, Bulacan, Contact Center ng Bayan, Herbalife ICT Upgrade, and Bureau of Customs ICT Upgrade.