Survey your way to success with the FEATI Geodetic Engineering Program!

A Geodetic Engineering graduate has the biggest advantage as the construction industry in the Philippines is experiencing massive growth. There are more job opportunities than the number of geodetic engineers available.

As the demand for more skilled geodetic engineers’ increases, FEATI University continuously improves and strengthens its Geodetic Engineering Program to produce highly competent graduates.

The Great FEATI Experience

FEATI University offers the 4-year Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Engineering (BSGE) Program in accordance with CHED Memorandum Order No. 89, series of 2017.

Geodetic Engineering is the branch of engineering that includes the establishment of geodetic control network, collection of ground data using various methodologies, techniques, platforms and sensors; processing, evaluation and analysis of collected data to generate information for various applications; quality assurance of outputs in accordance with the accepted standards and specifications; development of survey and mapping standards and protocols; conduct of research and development activities; development of spatial information systems; and development of business entrepreneurial skills.

The Program aims to develop research-oriented students in the fields of Surveying and Mapping, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Satellite Surveying using Global Navigation Satellite Systems like Global Positioning System (GPS); Remote Sensing, and Land Administration.

Equipped with the needed competencies, the students of Geodetic Engineering are prepared for a broad range of career opportunities ranging from private entrepreneurial practice to specialized fields in Geodetic Engineering.

The Great FEATI Advantage

The Department of Geodetic Engineering ensures that teaching methods and practices adhere to the outcomes-based education principles which are adopted to achieve the desired learning objectives and end-results.

The Geodetic Engineering Program continues to maintain CHED and PACUCOA accreditations. It is currently working towards ISO and PTC accreditations on the new curriculum that is compliant with CHED CMO 8 S.2018.

The Department also prides itself of having highly competent and experienced Geodetic Engineers who have been and are currently practicing the profession, both in the government and the private sectors.

Under the tutelage of world-class faculty members with vast experience in the field of geodetic engineering, BSGE graduates of FEATI University become highly competitive and are readily and gainfully employed in either the private or the government sector.

Many of those in private practice have established their own surveying and mapping offices or are gainfully employed abroad. On the other hand, those in government service hold key positions critical to land development, administration and management.

The Department, with the assistance of its faculty members and staff, builds and empowers students by bringing together alumni and upperclassmen to collaborate and participate in mentoring activities like seminar-workshops, symposiums, and convocations.

So why enrol in the BSGE program of FEATI?

1.  FEATI University is home to GE board topnotchers.

2.  You will be steeped in our culture of excellence.

3.  Our BSGE Program is PACUCOA-accredited Level II.

4.  Our faculty members come from the industry and government.

5.  Our graduates are job-ready and competitive.

6.  Return of investment is high and fast.

7.  Broad range of career options.

8.  More job openings than geodetic engineers available, both here and abroad.

9.  Career growth is ensured.

The Great FEATI Partnership

Upon graduation, FEATI University helps its graduates to jumpstart their career with long- standing industry partners run by successful BSGE graduates of the University, as follows:

1. THETAN Computerized Mapping and Engineering Services – founded and managed by Engr. Eduardo B. Sarmiento, BSGE 2000

2.  G. P. Artieda Surveying Office, founded and managed by Engr. Godofredo P. Artieda, BSGE 1992

3. RCTollo Surveying Services - founded and managed by Engr. Richard C. Tollo, BSGE 1989

4. JEEOMATRIX Surveying and Development Co. - founded and managed by Engr. Oliver B. Urriza, Jr., BSGE 1994

The Great FEATI Reward

The FEATI Geodetic Engineering graduate has at his/her disposal a wide array of career opportunities and lucrative choices for professional growth and personal development.

Graduates of BSGE can be:

Land Surveyor


Photogrammetrist/Photogrammetric Engineer

Hydrographic Surveyor

Remote Sensing Specialist

GIS Specialist

Information Systems Engineer/Consultant

Land Development Engineer/Manager

Land Administration Specialist

Land Valuation Specialist

Project Engineer/Manager

Planning Engineer

Research Engineer

Systems Analyst/Engineer/Designer


Risk Analyst/Engineer

Construction/Industrial Surveyor

Mine Surveyor

Mapping Specialist

Because of the high quality education that FEATI University offers in general, many of its graduates post sterling performance in national board examinations. 

FEATI University has the following record in the GE Board Examinations from 1973 to the present.



































The Great FEATI Legacy

The FEATI Geodetic Engineering Department is not wanting of alumni success stories and is very proud to have these alumni as part of the FEATI family.

In the private sector, some of our notable alumni are the following:

1. Engr. Hipolito O. Noveloso, BSGE 1973 -Manager of HON Surveying

2. Engr. Ruben M. Aringo, BSGE 1984 – Manager of R.M. A. Surveying Services

3. Engr. Carlos P. Dizon, BSGE 1988 – Manager of Carlos P. Dizon Land Surveys

4. Engr. Alfredo D. Antonio, BSGE 1993 – President of A. D. Antonio Consultancy Services

5. Engr. Lendry A. Salvacion, BSGE 1994 - Manager, Lendry A. Salvacion Surveying Office

6.  Engr. Juan Vito C. Genson, BSGE 1985 – Chief executive Officer, Genson Group of Companies (GGC), Cebu City

We also have outstanding graduates in the government service:

1. Engr. Ignacio R. Almira, Jr., BSGE 1984 - OIC, Assistant Regional Director, DENR – NCR

2. Engr. Romeo P. Verzosa, BSGE 1982 – Assistant Director, DENR Land Management Bureau

3. Engr. Bienvenido F. Cruz – Chief, Surveys Division, DENR Land Management Bureau

4. Engr. Edgar S.Barraca, BSGE 1987 - Chief, Surveys Division, DENR Land Management Service Region 4A

5. Engr. Mario A. Princer, BSGE 1995 – Section Chief, Maritime Affairs Division, Hydrographic Branch, National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA)

Some of our outstanding alumni who received prestigious awards and hold key positions in leading organizations are as follows:

1.  Engr. Godofredo P. Artieda, BSGE 1992, ASEAN Engineer - PRC Outstanding Professional of the Year 2018 in the field of Geodetic Engineering; GEP National President  2014-2016

2. Engr. Jose P. Gatus, Associate in Surveying 1959, Ph. D. - PRC Outstanding Professional of the Year 2017 in the field of Geodetic Engineering; GEP National President  2002-2003

3. Engr. Eduardo B. Sarmiento, BSGE 2000, ASEAN Engineer – PRC Outstanding Professional of the Year 2016 in the field of Geodetic Engineering; GEP National President  2018-2019; Secretary-General, ASEAN Federation of Land Surveying and Geomatics (AFLAG) 2018-2020

4. Engr. Apolinar R. Lucido, BSGE 1992 and Engr, Enrique A. Macaspac, BSGE 1983 - First Member and Second Member, respectively, of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Council for Geodetic Engineering, Feb. 2017-Feb. 2019