FEATI BS in Electronics Engineering, hot-wired for success!

The 4-year Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Program of FEATI University is designed to provide the tools necessary to analyze and design electronics equipment, computer and communications systems.

The Electronics and SMART Lab are being used by the students to perform, assess and simulate experiments in communications and in digital electronics.

Robotics technology and locomotive systems are included in its elective courses. The Department's strong partnership with telecommunications and television companies ensures that our graduates are well-versed in these fields and ready for employment by major companies upon graduation.

The Program itself is rich in design courses and capstone projects with enhancement in job training activities from our industry partners and technopreneurship so that the graduates will be proficient in marketing and management skills.

The Great FEATI Experience


FEATI University is a values-centered educational institution that brings out the absolute best academic success in every student especially in the field of Electronics Engineering.

Our commitment is to encourage every student to achieve the highest academic standards in all that they do. The Electronics Engineering Program ensures that students are challenged to learn and become purposeful, life-long learners using updated technical references, SMART Computer Laboratory and highly trained and professional educators.

The students are taught the importance of practice, perseverance and determination to succeed in a safe and supportive environment. The spirit of camaraderie, thirst for technical knowledge and the culture of excellence are how the students describe the atmosphere inside the University campus. On leaving the University, Electronics Engineering graduates emerge confident and well-rounded individuals who are well-prepared for the next stage of their education or career.  Return of investment is high because the graduates are immediately employed by the Department's industry partners and linkages. There is also a wide range of career options in the local and international level.

The Great FEATI Advantage

The faculty of the Electronics Engineering Department is composed of highly competent and experienced educators/mentors that possess dynamic and progressive approaches to learning, mixing theories with practical application so that students are prepared to succeed in their careers.

The FEATI Department of Electronics Engineering, with the assistance of its faculty members and staff, builds and empowers students by bringing together alumni and upperclassmen to collaborate and participate in mentoring activities like seminar-workshops, symposia, and convocations. This is one way by which the Department promotes continuous learning not just by providing a conducive learning environment for research and development to its students. Students are also encouraged to engage in research projects that can be applied to everyday life. As a result, students are able to explore their capabilities and even surpass expectations.  Among the research projects of Electronics Engineering students are the following:

iSENSE 1- electronic cane for blind persons

iSENSE 2- enhanced electronic cane for blind persons

2221 BIKE – self-charging electronic bike

MOBO G - life-detecting and searching robot for use in disasters

Room Access Identification Card - RFID-based attendance checker and tracker

At present, the Department of Electronics Engineering is working for accreditation by prestigious organizations and institutions to seal its position as a center of excellence in the fields of Electronics Engineering and ICT Development.

The Great FEATI Partnership

The FEATI Department of Electronics Engineering has, through the years, developed strong linkages and partnerships with industry stakeholders that provide on-the-job trainings and employment opportunities for the students and graduates. The partners, which are leaders in the industry, are as follows:

SMART Telecommunications


CY Flores & Company

Prompt Managers and Construction Services

Joint Venture Audio-Visual and Lighting, Inc.

PHINMA Property Holdings Corporation

Light Railway Transit Authority

Light Rail Manila Corporation

The Great FEATI Reward

Career opportunities in the field of Electronics Engineering in this age of digital computing and rapid development in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) have virtually become limitless. Because of this, graduates of BS Electronics Engineering from FEATI University have the following to look forward to as their careers:

 Sales engineers

 Manufacturing and quality control engineers in semi-conductor company

 Biomedical engineers in major hospitals

 Instrumentation engineers for calibration

 Test engineers for manufacturing companies

 Robotics technicians

 Locomotive engineers

The Great FEATI Legacy

A number of the Department's distinguished alumni have made their distinct mark in the industry and/or hold key positions in established companies, bringing with them the legacy of FEATI.  Among them are as follows:

Engr. Editha Grande – Officer, IECEP; Former ECE Program Chair, FEU

Engr. Erwin Francisco - Cum Laude, 1991

Engr. Genaro Villanueva - Former Chair, ECE Department

Engr. Ricardo Maliwat – Officer, Lufthansa