Continuing the Culture of Excellence. The Great FEATI Experience

FEATI University is one of the oldest, greatest and biggest schools in Manila, Philippines that offers a 4-year BS Civil Engineering degree program under the 2018 Curriculum.   

The Great FEATI Experience

The FEATI University Civil Engineering Degree Program offers five (5) CHED- authorized specialized tracks, namely:

1. Railway and Transportation Engineering (new) - FEATI University is the first and only school in the Philippines that offers extensive study on Railway Engineering as part of Transportation Engineering. This is aligned with the Philippine government’s thrust to pump up the country’s mass transport infrastructure that includes, among others, railway transport system. Other special courses offered are Airport Facilities Engineering, Ports and Harbor Facilities Engineering, Highway and Bridge Engineering as well as Urban Planning and Engineering.

2. Water Resources Engineering- This track is enhanced by FEATI with focus on River and Flood Control Engineering, Irrigation Engineering and Domestic Water Treatment and Supply Engineering as these affect food security; involves climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and management; and environment protection and resource conservation. The curriculum also includes solid waste control and management engineering.

3. Geotechnical Engineering- This is the study of subsurface foundation of a structure. FEATI University enhanced this track by incorporating Landfill Waste Management, Ground Improvement and Earth/Ground Related Hazards, and the Corresponding Hazard/Disaster Mitigating and Risk Reduction and Control.

4. Structural Engineering- This is a common track for the first three tracks. This is a specialized course with computer-aided design calculation and detailing courses incorporated in the curriculum. Our faculty/resource persons are officers or members of the Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines (ASEP) or the American Society of Civil Engineers who are all FEATI Civil Engineering alumni.

5.  Construction and Project Management- This is also a common field to all the other four tracks. A Civil Engineer leads an interdisciplinary team of technical men and women in the field of construction. Computer-based programs/software for project scheduling/planning, implementation and monitoring and reporting are part of the curriculum.

The Civil Engineering curriculum of FEATI University is designed and programmed to train the students to be experts in various fields and disciplines for the duration of the program adopting outcomes-based education in achieving learning that endures through time. They are as follows:

1. 1st Year - with manual engineering drawing and computer-aided drafting.

2. 2nd Year - with basic application of mathematics, physics and chemistry to basic civil engineering problems

3.  3rd Year - with the Civil Engineering basic principles and applications of the five specialized tracks and enhanced by research works and OJT on their chosen fields of specialization.

4. 4th Year - the students acquire the expertise through the study of the 5 specialized courses in their chosen fields of specialization.

Review classes in Mathematics, Hydraulics, Geotechnical, Transportation, Design and Construction are offered to students in accordance with the CHED-CMO-prescribed curriculum.

The Great FEATI Advantage

Enrolling in FEATI University gives the student a distinct competitive advantage as they get to be mentored by highly competent faculty members with master’s and doctorate degrees from prestigious universities.

The teaching staff and resource persons of the Civil Engineering Department are all professional and licensed Civil Engineers who have or currently pursuing a master’s degree in Engineering. They have extensive experiences in the field of Civil Engineering.

The Chairman of the Civil Engineering Department has more than 40 years of experience in the Civil Engineering industry and has worked with the government and private sectors, both here and abroad. He is a well-experienced Project Manager who specializes in Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Management

One of the Department staff is a Civil Engineer and Sanitary Engineer (2nd placer); another staff has a license in both Geodetic and Civil Engineering One of the staff is a Project Manager and an officer of the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) and of the FEATI University Alumni Association Global Incorporated (FUAAGI)

One of the part-time instructors/resource persons is an officer of the Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines (ASEP) and the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE), also the former president of FUAAGI and an Outstanding Alumnus awardee given by both FEATI University and FUAAGI

Another resource person is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineer and a recipient of Outstanding Alumnus Award, given by both FEATI University and FUAAGI

The department strongly believes in enduring learning. Thus, it has adopted the outcomes-based education in the delivery of instructions and achievement of learning outcomes. Therefore, with the assistance of its faculty members and staff, the department builds and empowers students by bringing together alumni and upperclassmen to collaborate and participate in mentoring activities like seminar-workshops, symposiums, and convocations.

The Great FEATI Partnership

FEATI University provides its students the privileged opportunity to chart their careers in the industry with its strong institutional partners that belong to leading companies in the country.

1. David M. Consunji Inc. (DMCI), Makati Development Corporation (MDC), Engineering Equipment Inc. (EEI) are among the noted Civil Engineering firms for both vertical and horizontal structures. Many of our graduates are employed in these companies. Our undergraduate students who are ready to take their on- the- job-training are also taken as trainees by DMCI and MDC.

2. Owned and managed by FEATI alumni, the following companies are our active partners in OJT and other technical activities.

a. RVN Construction - a general and specialty contractor owned and operated by a FEATI CE alumnus

b. Prompt Managers & Construction Services, Inc. - a project and construction    management consultancy and services owned and managed by a FEATI CE alumnus.

c. FACE Builders and Development Corporation (FBDC) - conglomeration of companies owned and operated by FEATI CE alumni; a Design-and-Build contractor.

d. Asian Technicon Managers and Consultants Inc. (ATMCI) - Project Construction and Management Consultant

e. Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) - operation and maintenance of LTR1; along with MTR Academy (Hongkong), LRMC is our newest official industry linkage for our Railway Transportation specialization track.

The Great FEATI Reward

The FEATI student, upon graduation, has limitless opportunities simply because of the FEATI brand of education s/he acquired through the years that focused on the pursuit of academic excellence both in their professional and personal life.

The Great FEATI Legacy

By being part of FEATI University, students get the privilege to be in the company of achievers and be successful in their fields, thereby making their alma mater proud.

a. Engr Federico Alconcel- 4th Placer, CE Board Exam; Former CE Consultant and now an advocate of Environmental Conservation and Protection

b. Engr Maria Trinidad E. Dela Rosa- former Assistant Administrator, National Irrigation Administration; former Faculty, CE Department; former member, PRC Civil Engineering Board of Examiners

c. Engr Orlando Honrade- former Administrator, National Irrigation Administration, and Local Water Utilities Administration

d.   Engr Efren Rimando – 1st Placer, CE Board Exame.   Engr Diosdado Galvez - 8th Placer, CE Board Exam Passer; Division Head, Makati Development Corporation