Bridging Gaps and Challenges in the Student’s Academic Life 

The Sciences Department primarily assists the College of Arts, Sciences and Education (CASE) in helping all FEATINIANS maximize their potentials through their academic life by bridging gaps and challenges that come their way in terms of the following:

• Course Crediting (Mathematics and Science courses) for transferees

• Opening of Tutorial Courses

• Facilitation of Completion of Grades by the Students

• Delivery of courses such as College Algebra, Fundamental Concept in Mathematics, Advanced Algebra, Plane Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry and Solid Geometry, General Chemistry I and II, Earth Science, Spherical Trigonometry, Differential Calculus I and II, Differential Equations, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Engineering Physics I and II, and Natural Science I and II Supply of laboratory materials for departmental activities like research work in other colleges or departments, and laboratory work in Biology, Physics and Chemistry both in the Collegiate level and in the Senior High School Department.

• Retention and recruitment of qualified Math and Science faculty members.

• Maintenance of safety, cleanliness and orderliness in the Chemistry and Physics stockrooms and laboratory rooms

The Great FEATI Advantage

                The Sciences Department is determined to provide FEATINIANS with vital principles that will enable them to acquire the necessary skills to become qualified professionals in their chosen field of work.  In establishing a strong foundation, the College of Arts Sciences and Education, through its Sciences Department, ensures the regular upkeep of science laboratory facilities, encourages critical thinking through an array of activities, exercises and laboratory work, and enhances skills in basic and applied research.

             Policies and guidelines in using the laboratories by students and faculty have been set.  Reminders on precautionary measures are constantly given to maintain orderliness in the laboratories.  The good condition of the laboratories is maintained at all times.

         The Department provides its students a significant and satisfying learning experience using appropriate teaching strategies and provision of required tools. As a positive outcome, students’ understanding of Science concepts and theories is deepened. Consequently, logical, critical and analytical thinking are all enhanced.

Supporting these development initiatives of the Department is its deep bench of faculty members who have varied expertise in Mathematics, the Sciences and Humanities.

                FEATI University, in its thrust to provide various opportunities for growth and development to its faculty and students, has encouraged the conduct of investigative experiments and research projects for innovation and application to different groups or fields of endeavors. As such these initiatives form part of the competitive advantage of the Department in terms of pursuing the FEATI brand of education.

Title of research


Date Accomplished

Type of Research


Spatial and Seasonal Variations of the Water Quality in Estero de San Sebastian  and Estero de Quiapo - 2016-2017

Leo Mendel D. Rosario, Mary Manlapao,/

C. Santos, D. Revilleza


Environmental Issues

Rehabilitation of Estero

Solid Waste Management in

FEATI University:

Basis for Making School Policy

Dorisday E. Revilleza

Alberto Revilleza

Pete Tiongson

1st Semester, SY 2014-2015

Environmental Issues

Policy on Solid Waste

Services Rendered by FEATI University:

An Analysis

Dorisday E. Revilleza

Vincent Ronquillo

1st Semester, SY 2013-2014

Other issues


Performance of Maritime Students

in the Achievement Test in Chemistry, CASE, 2nd Semester, SY 2012-2013

Capt. Jojo Miraflor

Prof. Patacsil

Dorisday E. Revilleza

2nd Semester, SY 2012-2013


Tutorial class

Attitudes of Maritime Students

Toward Mathematics,

CASE, 2nd Semester, SY 2011-2012

Dorisday E. Revilleza

Deody Fabroa

2nd Semester, SY 2012-2013


Guidance Counseling office will hold a seminar on behavior

Mathematical Performance of

Maritime Students in the College of

Arts, Sciences and Education,

FEATI University, SY 2011-2012

Doriday E. Revilleza

Andy Dela  Cruz

Alfonso Esteban

1st Semester,  SY 2011-2012

Student Performance

Tutorial class for difficult topics identified in the research


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