The Department of Arts and Communication helps the College of Arts, Sciences and Education in serving all FEATINIANS in terms of the following:

• Subject Crediting for transferees

• Opening of Tutorial Courses

• Completion of Incomplete Grades

• Advising Enrollees on courses or subjects that still need to be enrolled or completed to finish their degrees

• In charge of delivering these courses:  Filipino, English, Art Appreciation, Philippine History, Political Science, Rizal courses, General Psychology, Society and Culture, Physical Education, Logic and Ethics, Understanding Self, Purposive Communication, Religion, Values Formation, and NSTP.

• Man The FEATINIAN, the University’s student publication

• Provide Institutional Activities

• Official Home of the Global English Proficiency Program Society, the recognized club of BA in Communication students.

The various courses under the Arts and Communication Department will completely make FEATI students well-rounded or balanced. As students investigate the truth and find certainty, they will also love studying the classics, the arts, religion, language, history, literature, music, society, political science, economics, values, culture, multi-media and communication. Knowledge gained from these areas gives a FEATINIAN the feeling of having a bonding with fellow human beings which provides a FEATINIAN the sense of belongingness. In addition, these courses under the Arts and Communication Department, which offer a wealth of resources -- fire a FEATINIAN’s imagination, give rise to noble emotions, and fulfillment.

As part of a well-respected institution, the Arts and Communication Department  ensures that its courses will truly make learning fun and life better. To quote Helen Keller- “Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” 

Aside from being the servicing arm of the College of Arts, Sciences and Education, the Department offers the Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree program. The BA in Communication program is guided by the vision and mission of the Arts and Communications Department. 

Why do we have to communicate and pursue BA in Communication?  

• It is said that one of the precious gifts which God has given us is the power to communicate. In many instances man cannot even express well his feelings, ideas and opinions; hence, there is a need for him to undergo formal training in effective communication, be it spoken or written.

• Communication builds relationships and it is critical to a person's success.

• We are humans and social beings. 

The Great FEATI Partnership

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Presidential Communications Operations Office

News and Information Bureau


The Great FEATI Experience in the Arts and Communication Dept.

Indeed, the promise of an impressive general education is set here impeccably so that they would feel very important.  This promise is delivered by FEATI through its hi-tech facilities, extensive curriculum, qualified teachers, comprehensive instruction, and interactive activities.

All the same, FEATI University is Catholic.  The founders of FEATI University are known to be devoted Catholics.  As such, FEATI has been a Catholic Community. Incorporated in its General Education Curriculum is Religion I and Religion II which are required institutional courses. Although, the approach is universal so as to respect other beliefs, FEATI has aligned its practices with the Roman Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Manila.

It has a very active Campus Ministry that helps in achieving the thrust of the University to inculcate the Catholic Christian faith to its students.  The Blessed Sacrament Fathers and the Daughters of Charity Sisters are primarily involved in organizing the Holy Masses, recollection and retreats to students and school personnel.  These Christian-related activities strengthen the Catholic Christian Faith among the young FEATINIANS and help members of the FEATI family profess it.

A FEATINIAN'S way of life is reflective of everything that he has acquired in FEATI. His words, thoughts, and deeds exemplify a true bloodied FEATINIAN -- patriotic, honorable, just, creative, productive, service-oriented, and God-fearing. 

Without a doubt, things are looking up at the Arts and Communication Department of FEATI University.



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It is certainly a distinct privilege given to all who come to study at this very old university, which has stood for seven decades, to live through THE GREAT FEATI EXPERIENCE every time they participate in the school activities and celebrations. With all these festivities around them, the vibrant and wondrous sound of their laughter echoes along the hallways or corridors of FEATI.

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Mr. Nic Perry Galano, BA Communication student, sings his heart out as he performs in front of FEATI school officials.

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