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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

The course is designed to present to the students the theory and practice of power generation, transmission and its use, the design, construction and testing of all kinds of machinery. The course prepares the student to enter any industry dealing with heat, power, materials, and machines. The University is one of the engineering colleges in the Philippines with a steam turbo-generator and a complete hydro-electric plant consisting of a Leffel reaction turbine directly coupled to an electric generator in the same manner as the Caliraya and Botocan power units.


The Mechanical Engineering Department is envisioned to be a model of higher learning in mechanical engineering discipline where the acquired knowledge and expertise will be utilized first and foremost to our country’s technological development.


College of Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Effective School Year 2004 – 2005

This Curricula is still in the process of review and will be subject to changes. Please consult your Department Chairman and Dean for clarifications.

Descriptive Title
  1st Year , 1st Semester    
PE111(04) Physical Education I 2.00  
REL111(04) Christian Doctrine I 1.00  
ES111(04) Engineering Drawing I 2.00  
HUM111(04) Fundamentals of Logic and Ethics with Values Education 3.00  
MATH112(04) Plane Trigonometry 3.00 MATH111(04)
ENGL111(04) Basic Communication Skills I 3.00  
FIL111(04) Sining ng Komunikasyon 3.00  
CHEM111(04) General Chemistry I 4.00  
MATH111(04) College Algebra 3.00  
NSTP1(04) National Service Training Program I 3.00  
  1st Year , 2nd Semester    
Conversational English 2.00  
ENGL121(04) Study and Thinking Skills 3.00 ENGL111(04)
RIZAL(04) Buhay at Panitik 3.00  
FIL121(04) Panitikang Filipino 3.00 FIL111(04)
CHEM121(04) General Chemistry II 4.00 CHEM111L(04), CHEM121L(04) CHEM111(04)
NSTP2(04) ) National Service Training Program II 3.00 NSTP1(04
PE121(04) Physical Education II 2.00 PE111(04)
PSY121(04) General Psychology 3.00  
REL121(04) Christian Doctrine II 1.00 REL111(04)
HUM121(04) Art Appreciation 3.00 HUM111(04)
MATH121(04) Analytic Geometry with Solid Geometry 4.00 MATH111(04), MATH112(04)

  2nd Year , 1st Semester    
ME211(04) Workshop Theory and Practice 2.00  
PE211(04) Physical Education III 2.00 PE121(04)
PHYS211(04) Engineering Physics I 4.00 MATH111(04), MATH112(04)
ES319(04) Environmental Engineering 3.00 CHEM111, CHEM111(04), CHEM111L(04)
LIT211(04) Philippine Literature 3.00  
ECON211(04) Principles of Economics with Taxation and Agrarian Reform 3.00  
MATH211(04) Differential Calculus 4.00 MATH121(04)
ENGL211(04) Writing in the Discipline 3.00 ENGL121(04)
SOCIO211(04) Society and Culture with Family Planning 3.00  

2nd Year , 2nd Semester    
POLSCI221(04) Politics, Government and Philippine Constitution 3.00  
ME221(04) Machine Shop Theory and Practice 2.00 ME211(04), ME211L(04)
PE221(04) Physical Education IV 2.00 PE211(04)
PHYS221(04) Engineering Physics II 4.00 PHYS211(04)
ENGL221(04) Speech Communications 3.00 ENGL211(04)
MATH221(04) Integral Calculus 4.00 MATH121(04), MATH211(04)
  3rd Year , 1st Semester    
Thermodynamics I 4.00 CHEM111(04), MATH221(04), PHYS221(04)
EE311(04) Circuits I - Lecture 3.00 MATH221(04), PHYS221(04)
MATH311(04) Differential Equations 3.00 MATH221(04)
ME312(04) Machine Elements I 3.00 ES111(04), MATH221(04)
ES213(04) Computer Fundamentals and Basic Programming 3.00 MATH112(04)
ES316(04) Engineering Mechanics I (Statics) 3.00 MATH221(04), PHYS221(04)
ECE310(04) Electronics I 4.00 EE311, EE311(04), EE312, EE321(04), EE322(04), PHYS221(04)
EE310(04) Elementary Electrical Engineering 4.00 MATH221(04), PHYS221(04)
EE312(04) Circuits I - Laboratory 1.00  
MATH312(04) Advanced Engineering Mathematics 3.00 MATH221(04)

  3rd Year , 2nd Semester    
ME322(04) Thermodynamics II 4.00 ME311, ME311(04), ME322(04), ME33, ME33(00)
ME324(04) Machine Elements II 3.00 ME312(04), ME312L(04)
ES224(04) Environmental Science 3.00 CHEM111(04)
ES328(04) Strength of Materials 4.00 ES316(04), ES327(04)
EE322(04) Circuits II - Laboratory 1.00  
ME323(04) Mechanics of Fluid 4.00 ES316(04), ES327(04)
ES327(04) Engineering Mechanics II (Dynamics) 3.00 ES316(04)
EE321(04) Circuits II - Lecture 3.00 EE311(04), EE312(04)
  4th Year , 1st Semester    
EE411(04) Energy Conversion - Lecture 3.00 EE321(04), EE322(04)
ME412(04) Refrigeration Engineering 3.00 ME322(04)
ME414(04) Internal Combustion Engine 3.00 ME322(04)
EE412(04) Energy Conversion - Laboratory 1.00  
ME411(04) Heat Transfer 3.00 ME322(04), ME38, ME38(00)
ME413(04) Mechanical Engineering Laboratory I 2.00 ME322, ME322(04)
ME415(04) Materials Science 4.00 CHEM111(04), ES316(04)
HIST311(04) The Philippine Political and Cultural History 3.00  
  4th Year , 2nd Semester    
Electrical Machines - Lecture 3.00 EE411(04), EE412(04)
ME421(04) Air Conditioning Design 3.00 ME412, ME412(04)
ME423(04) Machine Design I 4.00 ME415(04)
ME425(04) Control Instrument Engineering 3.00 ME413(04)
IE222(04) Engineering Management 3.00  
MATH321(04) Probability and Statistics 3.00 MATH312(04)
EE422(04) Electrical Machines - Laboratory 1.00  
ME422(04) Fluid Machinery 3.00 ME323(04)
ME424(04) Mechanical Engineering Laboratory II 2.00 ME413(04)

5th Year , 1st Semester    
ME512(04) Vibration Engineering 2.00 ME413(04), ME424(04)
ME514(04) ME Laboratory III 2.00 ME424(04)
ME516(04) Review I 4.00  
EE314(04) Safety Engineering and Maintenance (Industrial Hygiene) 3.00  
ME511(04) Steam Power Engineering 4.00 ME322(04), ME411(04)
ME513(04) Industrial Processes and Plant Visit 4.00  
ME515(04) Machine Design II 4.00 ME423, ME423(04)
IE415(04) Engineering Economics 3.00 MATH211(04)

  5th Year , 2nd Semester    
ENGL220(04) Advance Communication Skills II 3.00  
ME522(04) Industrial Plant Design 4.00 ME511(04), ME515(04)
ME524(04) Specifications, Contracts, ME Laws and Ethics 3.00  
ME526(04) Review II 4.00  
ME521(04) Power Plant Design 5.00 ME511(04), ME514(04)
ME523(04) Industrial and Marine Lubrication 3.00  
ME525(04) Power Plant Operating and Maintenance 3.00