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Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation

Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation

The thrust of the Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT) course is towards providing the shipping industry with technically knowledgeable, vigorous, and disciplined Marine Deck Officers essential to the profession.

The student is exposed to a substantive amassing of technical knowledge with concentrations on the theories and practices of navigation, seamanship, meteorology, ship business, marine laws and other marine related subjects, generously complimented with hands-on training on various laboratories and simulator training equipment as well as mathematical and cultural subjects designed to mold the student into a dynamic and productive member of the society.

After successfully completing the three-year academic requirements, the student is qualified for the mandatory one-year supervised shipboard training onboard a coastwise or international vessel as deck cadet. Upon return from shipboard training and after passing evaluation, the students graduates with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation.



Effective School Year 2004 – 2005

This Curricula is still in the process of review and will be subject to changes. Please consult your Department Chairman and Dean for clarifications.

Descriptive Title
  1st Year , 1st Semester    
SAFETY111(04) Basic Safety I 2.00  
FIL111(04) Sining ng Komunikasyon 3.00  
MATH111(04) College Algebra 3.00  
APT111(04) Aptitude for the Service (Leadership Discipline) 1.00  
CHEM111(04) General Chemistry I 4.00  
REL111(04) Christian Doctrine I 1.00  
ENGL111(04) Basic Communication Skills I 3.00  
Ship and Ships Routine 3.00  
MATH112(04) Plane Trigonometry 3.00 MATH111(04)
NAV111(04) Terrestrial Navigation 4.00  
NSTP1(04) National Service Training Program I 3.00  
PE111(04) Physical Education I 2.00  

  1st Year , 2nd Semester    
ENGL100(04) Conversational English 2.00  
REL121(04) Christian Doctrine II 1.00 REL111(04)
ENGL121(04) Study and Thinking Skills 3.00 ENGL111(04)
SEAM121(04) Cargo Handling and Stowage 3.00  
MATH121(04) Analytic Geometry with Solid Geometry 4.00 MATH111(04), MATH112(04)
NAV122(04) Terrestrial Navigation II 4.00 NAV111(04)
NSTP2(04) National Service Training Program II 3.00 NSTP1(04)
PE121(04) Physical Education II 2.00 PE111(04)
Buhay at Panitik 3.00  
FIL121(04) Panitikang Filipino 3.00 FIL111(04)
MATH122(04) Spherical Trigonometry 2.00 MATH112(04)
APT121(04) Aptitude for the Service (Leadership Discipline) 1.00  
DWATCH121(04) Watchkeeping, Deck Officers Chapter VIII 3.00  
  2nd Year , 1st Semester    
FIL211(04) Pagsulat at Pagbasa sa iba't-ibang Disiplina 3.00 FIL121(04)
APT211(04) Aptitude for the Service (Leadership Discipline) 1.00  
DWATCH212(04) Collision Regulations, Deck Officers 4.00 DWATCH121(04)
PHYS211(04) Engineering Physics I 4.00 MATH111(04), MATH112(04)
ES213(04) Computer Fundamentals and Basic Programming 3.00 MATH112(04)
MARVOC211(04) Marine Vocabulary and Terms 3.00 ENGL121(04)
METOCEAN211(04) Meteorology and Oceanography 2.00  
NAV213(04) Celestial Navigation I 4.00  
Physical Education III 2.00 PE121(04)
  2nd Year , 2nd Semester    
ENAV221(04) Electronic Navigation, including Radar Simulation 4.00  
PHYS221(04) Engineering Physics II 4.00 PHYS211(04)
NAV224(04) Celestial Navigation II 4.00 NAV213(04)
PE221(04) Physical Education IV 2.00 PE211(04)
SEAM221(04) Ship Handling and Manuevering 3.00  
SOCIO221(04) Philippine History and Constitution 3.00  
MARPOWER221(04) Marine Power Plant, Diesel 4.00  
APT221(04) Aptitude for the Service (Leadership Discipline) 1.00  

  3rd Year , 1st Semester    
SOCIO311(04) General Psychology with Alcohol and Drug Prevention 3.00  
APT311(04) Aptitude for the Service (Leadership Discipline) 1.00  
CONSTAB311(04) Ship Construction and Ship Stability 3.00  
ENAV312(04) Electronic Navigation including Radar and ARPA 6.00 ENAV312L(04) ENAV221(04)
HUM311(04) World Geography 3.00  
COM311(04) Signals and Radio Communication/GMDSS 5.00 COM311LB(04)

3rd Year , 2nd Semester    
PERSMAN321(04) Personnel Management 3.00  
SEAM321(04) Stability and Trim 4.00  
MARPOL321(04) Maritime Pollution and Prevention 3.00  
MARTW321(04) Technical Writing 3.00  
MERSAR321(04) Merchant Ships Search and Rescure/GMDSS 3.00 MERSAR321LB(04)
Maritime Law 3.00  
APT321(04) Aptitude for the Service (Leadership Discipline) 1.00