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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The BS Information Technology program focuses on understanding the theories corresponding to the study of Information and Communication Technology and their applications in varied sectors such as business, science, government, and even in the academe. The curriculum provides a wide range of programming languages, systems analysis and design, software metrics, networks and telecommunication, and web design and development. This four-year program prepares the student to become an IT Professional with the competencies, skills and attitudes needed to assure the company’s success in the use of ICT. The curriculum has been benchmarked against the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) guidelines for IT Education.


College of Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Effective School Year 2004 – 2005

This Curricula is still in the process of review and will be subject to changes. Please consult your Department Chairman and Dean for clarifications.

Descriptive Title
  1st Year , 1st Semester    
ENGL111 Basic Communication Skills 3  
MATH111 College Algebra 3  
HUM111 Fundamentals of Logic and Ethics with Values Formation 3  
ITE10 Introduction to IT with Windows Applications 3  
ITE11 Basic Internet (Web Page Design Using HTML) 3  
ITE12 Fundamentals of Problem Solving and Programming 1 3  
ITSR10 Integrated Application Software 3
PE111 Physical Education 1 2  
REL111 Christian Doctrine 1 (1)  
NSTP1 National Service Training Program 1 (1.5)  
  1st Year , 2nd Semester    
ENGL121 Study and Thinking Skills in English 3 Engl111
HUM121 Art Appreciation 3 Hum111
PSY121 General Psychology 3  
RIZAL Buhay at Panitik 3  
ITSR11 Fundamentals of Electricity and Electronics 3 Math111
ITE13 Advanced Internet (Web Page Design using Java Script) 3 ITE11
Fundamentalsof Problem Solving and Programming 2 3 ITE12
PE121 Physical Education 2 2 PE111
REL121 Christian Doctrine 2 (1) REL111
NSTP2 National Service Training Program 2 (1.5) NSTP1
  2nd Year , 1st Semester    
ENGL211 Writing in the Discipline 3 Engl121
MATH112 Plane Trigonometry 3 Math111
FIL111 Sining ng Komunikasyon 3  
ITSR12 Logic Circuits and Switching Theory 3 ITSR11
ITE15 Presentation Skills in IT with Editing Software 3 ITE13
Engineering Physics 1 4  
Econ211 Principles of Economics with TAR 3  
Lit211 Philippine Literature 3  
PE211 Physical Education 3 2 PE121

  2nd Year , 2nd Semester    
Phy221 Engineering Physics 2 4 Phy211
Polsci221 Politics, Governance & Philippine Constitution 3  
ITE16 Discrete Math 3 ITSR12
Fil121 Panitikang Filipino 3 Fil111
ITSR13 Principles of Communications 3 ITSR12
Data Structures and Algorithm 3 ITE14
Principles of Accounting with Excel Application 3 Econ211
PE221 Physical Education 4 2 PE211

3rd Year , 1st Semester    
IT311 Computer Systems Organization and Microprocessor 3 ITSR12
IT312 Computer Network Technology 3 ITSR13
IT313 Object Oriented Programming 3 ICT10
IT314 Advanced Database Management System 3 ICT10
IT315 Computer Software Application 3 ICT10
IT316 Operating Systems 3 ITE14
Probability and Statistics 3 Math112
Socio111 Society and Culture with Family Planning 3  
  3rd Year , 2nd Semester    
IT321 Wireless Communication (using WAP) 3 IT312
IT322 Web Page Design and Development 3 IT313
IT323 Software Engineering 3 IT314
IT324 I.C.T. Industry Operations 3 IT314
IT325 Systems Analysis and Design 3 IT314
IT326 Computer Graphics and Animation 3 IT315
Computer Installation Hardware and Software (w/ Utilities & Diagnostic) Software 3 IT316
Hist311 Philippine Political and Cultural History 3  
  3rd Year , Summer    
Internship (200 hours) 3  
  4th Year , 1st Semester    
IT411 Research Project Development 1 3 Senior Standing
IT412 Code of Ethics for IT Professional 3  
IT413 Multimedia Technology (Audio & Video Editing) 3 IT326
IT414 I.T. Entrepreneurship 3 Senior Standing
ELECTIVE 1 3 Senior Standing
IT416 ELECTIVE 2 3 Senior Standing
  4th Year , 2nd Semester    
IT421 Research Project Development 2 3 Graduating
IT422 Professional Development with Seminars and Field Trips 3 Senior Standing
IT423 Management of Information System 3 IT323, IT324, IT325
3 Senior Standing
ELECTIVE 4 3 Senior Standing



Computer Aided Design 3  

Computer Animation and Gaming 3  

Introduction to Robotics 3  

Artificial Intelligence 3  

Object Oriented Systems Analysis and Design 3  

Data Mining and Data Warehousing 3