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Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Because of increasing demand of Power Generation and Distribution Engineers in the Philippines, FEATI University has embarked on a mission to provide competitive and industry oriented Electrical Engineers that will handle the design, maintenance and management of power in our country. In line with this, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering has provided technically competent professionals that would cater the electric power industry in the field of Electrical Engineering and its allied courses like Electrical Technology and Fire Safety.

General objective

To prepare the graduates for a professional electrical engineer, including professional practive, management and entrepreneurship.


College of Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Effective School Year 2004 – 2005

This Curricula is still in the process of review and will be subject to changes. Please consult your Department Chairman and Dean for clarifications.

Descriptive Title
*Co- requisite
  1st Year , 1st Semester    
HUM111(04) Fundamentals of Logic and Ethics with Values Education 3.00  
MATH111(04) College Algebra 3.00  
PE111(04) Physical Education I 2.00  
REL111(04) Christian Doctrine I 1.00  
FIL111(04) Sining ng Komunikasyon 3.00  
MATH112(04) Plane Trigonometry 3.00 *MATH111(04)
CHEM111(04) General Chemistry I 4.00  
ENGL111(04) Basic Communication Skills I 3.00  
NSTP1(04) National Service Training Program I 3.00  
ES111(04) Engineering Drawing I 2.00  

  1st Year , 2nd Semester    
PE121(04) Physical Education II 2.00 PE111(04)
PSY121(04) General Psychology 3.00  
REL121(04) Christian Doctrine II 1.00 REL111(04)
FIL121(04) Panitikang Filipino 3.00 FIL111(04)
MATH121(04) Analytic Geometry with Solid Geometry 4.00 MATH111(04), MATH112(04)
CHEM121LB(04) General Chemistry II - Laboratory 1.00 *CHEM 121 Lec(04)
ENGL121(04) Study and Thinking Skills 3.00 ENGL111(04)
NSTP2(04) National Service Training Program II 3.00 NSTP1(04)
Engineering Drawing II 2.00 ES111(04)
HUM121(04) Art Appreciation 3.00 HUM111(04)
CHEM121LC(04) General Chemistry II - Lecture 3.00 *CHEM 121 Lab(04)

  2nd Year , 1st Semester    
ES213(04) Computer Fundamentals and Basic Programming 3.00 MATH112(04)
SOCIO211(04) Society and Culture with Family Planning 3.00  
PE211(04) Physical Education III 2.00 PE121(04)
PHYS211(04) Engineering Physics I 4.00 MATH111(04), MATH112(04)
GE210(04) Elementary Surveying 2.00 MATH112(04)
MATH211(04) Differential Calculus 4.00 MATH121(04)
ECON211(04) Principles of Economics with Taxation and Agrarian Reform 3.00  
ENGL211(04) Writing in the Discipline 3.00 ENGL121(04)

2nd Year , 2nd Semester    
PE221(04) Physical Education IV 2.00 PE211(04)
PHYS221(04) Engineering Physics II 4.00 PHYS211(04)
IE222(04) Engineering Management 3.00  
MATH221(04) Integral Calculus 4.00 MATH121(04), MATH211(04)
ENGL100(04) Conversational English 2.00  
ENGL221(04) Speech Communications 3.00 ENGL211(04)
ES224(04) Environmental Science 3.00 CHEM111(04)
Politics, Government and Philippine Constitution 3.00  
RIZAL221(04) Buhay at Panitik 3.00  
  3rd Year , 1st Semester    
Engineering Mechanics I (Statics) 3.00 MATH221(04), PHYS221(04)
MATH312(04) Advanced Engineering Mathematics 3.00 MATH221(04)
ME311(04) Thermodynamics I 4.00 CHEM111(04), MATH221(04), PHYS221(04)
EE311(04) Circuits I - Lecture 3.00 MATH221(04), PHYS221(04)
EE313(04) Electromagnetism 3.00 *EE311(04)
MATH311(04) Differential Equations 3.00 MATH221(04)
EE312(04) Circuits I - Laboratory 1.00 *EE311(04)
EE314(04) Safety Engineering and Maintenance (Industrial Hygiene) 3.00 *EE311, EE312(04)

  3rd Year , 2nd Semester    
EE322(04) Circuits II - Laboratory 1.00 *EE321(04)
ES328(04) Strength of Materials 4.00 ES316(04), ES327(04)
ME323(04) Mechanics of Fluid 4.00 ES316(04), ES327(04)
EE321(04) Circuits II - Lecture 3.00 EE311(04), EE312(04)
EE323(04) Introduction to Software Engineering 3.00 ES213(04)
ES327(04) Engineering Mechanics II (Dynamics) 3.00 ES316(04)
MATH321(04) Probability and Statistics 3.00 MATH312(04)
ME322(04) Thermodynamics II 4.00 ME311, ME311(04), ME322(04), ME33, ME33(00)

  4th Year , 1st Semester    
EE411(04) Energy Conversion - Lecture 3.00 EE321(04), EE322(04)
EE413(04) Control System 3.00 EE321(04), EE322(04)
EE415(04) Computer System 3.00 ES213(04)
EE417(04) Instrumentation and Measurements 3.00 EE311(04), EE312(04)
ECE310(04) Electronics I 4.00 EE311, EE311(04), EE312, EE321(04), EE322(04), PHYS221(04)
EE412(04) Energy Conversion - Laboratory 1.00 *EE411(04)
Electrical Transient 3.00 EE321(04), EE322(04)
EE416(04) Advanced Alternating Current Circuits 3.00 EE321(04), EE322(04)

4th Year , 2nd Semester    
EE422(04) Electrical Machines - Laboratory 1.00 *EE421(04)
EE424(04) Electrical Machines Design and Foundation 2.00 EE411(04), EE412(04)
CAD221(04) Computer Aided Design 3.00  
ME422(04) Fluid Machinery 3.00 ME323(04)
EE421(04) Electrical Machines - Lecture 3.00 EE411(04), EE412(04)
Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Building and Maintenance 4.00 EE411(04), EE412(04)
EE425(04) Logic Circuit and Switching Theory 3.00 ECE320(04)
ECE320(04) Electronics II 3.00 ECE320LB(04) ECE310(04)
  4th Year , Summer    
OJT(04) On-the-Job Training 3.00  
  5th Year , 1st Semester    
EE511(04) Power Systems 4.00 EE421(04), EE422(04)
EE513(04) Special Electrical Engineering Problems I 4.00  
EE515(04) Principles of Communications 3.00 ECE320
IE415(04) Engineering Economics 3.00 MATH211(04)
EE512(04) Seminars and Field Trips 1.00  
Electrical System Design I 4.00 EE421(04), EE422(04)
ME415(04) Materials Science 4.00 CHEM111(04), ES316(04)

5th Year , 2nd Semester    
EE522(04) Electrical Equipment and Devices 3.00 EE421(04), EE422(04)
EE524(04) EE Laws, Ethics, Specifications, Contracts and Obligations 2.00  
ECE420(04) Industrial Electronics 4.00 ECE320(04), EE411(04)
EE521(04) Electrical System Design II 4.00 EE514(04)
EE523(04) Electrical Power Plant Design 4.00 EE514(04)
EE525(04) Special Electrical Engineering Problems II 4.00 EE513(04)