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College of Architecture

Bachelor of Science in Architecture
The College of Architecture offers a five-year undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, which provides basic training for the practice of architecture.

The architecture curriculum has been designed with a complete coverage of all the necessary theory, design and architectural practice courses such as design, theory and history of architecture, together with construction, planning and professional practice. Courses in basic engineering utilities and structural design are likewise offered to the student.

Recently, this architecture curriculum has been updated to include subjects that gear the academic development of FEATI University architecture students in the arts, in sustainable architecture, in architectural conservation and in technological advancements in the field of architecture. CAFA has recently included in its architecture curriculum subjects like Arts in Architecture, Climate Design, Conservation of Built Heritage, Architectural Criticism, Landscape Architecture and an additional subject in History of Architecture and Utilities. This curriculum, therefore, prepares the architecture student in the various fields in architecture.

In FEATI University, the architectural student is exposed to the different types of architectural case studies, specifically focusing on architectural problems in the field of residential, civic, recreational, industrial, cultural planning and design, as well as town, city and regional planning. With the new subjects being offered by the college, the student will now be exposed to the different facets of climate design found in different countries. Likewise, with the introduction of the subject on Architectural Heritage Conservation, the student becomes culturally and morally aware of the significance of heritage architecture, not only those found in the country but also those found abroad. Both these subjects are in line with one of the thrusts of the university, which is to prepare students for a global future.

Similarly, the offering of Arts in Architecture subjects develops in students an eye for an architectural design and production that are considered arts. In most cases, the aesthetic component of architecture is taken for granted when the engineering and economic aspects become the prime considerations for design. As a worse case scenario, the artistic component of architecture becomes an off shoot of design and this consequently results to a type of architecture that retracts from the aesthetics.

While this subject on Arts in Architecture aims to strengthen the foundation of students in aesthetic design, the introduction of the subject on Architectural Criticism in turn helps in bracing up the student’s foundation on the philosophies and theories applied in architectural design.

The additional subject on Utilities is primary aimed at giving a student an introductory course on building science, focusing on high technological advancements used in buildings. The additional subject on History of Architecture, on the other hand, focuses solely on Filipino Architecture, which, unlike in the previous curriculum, this was merely incorporated in the three History of Architecture subjects 1, 2 and 3 that presents a chronological sequence of the architectures found in the different parts in the world.

With this new curriculum, the CAFA of FEATI University is placed in a distinct position when compared to other colleges and universities offering the architecture program.

Apart from the offering of a new curriculum for the Department of Architecture, the department has been involved in research, particularly in collaboration with FEATI University’s Office of Research, Development and Extension (ORDE) and the U-Belt Consortium. Specifically, the department has conducted a historical and oral research on Carlos Palanca Street, which forms part of a bigger project, the Urban Rehabilitation and Renewal of Carlos Palanca Street, which CAFA also spearheaded. Recently, the department has conceptually prepared for a research project on the Green Architecture of FEATI University, in collaboration with FEATI’s ORDE and with the United Architects of the Philippines Green Architecture Movement (UAP-GAM). Presently, it is hopes to solicit funding from the CHED Zonal Research Center, Zone 1.

Similarly, CAFA’s Department of Architecture has recently entered into a MOA with the City of Makati for the conduct of a heritage conservation project for the inventory and cultural mapping of the intangible and tangible heritage of Makati City’s Brgy Poblacion. This project is in cooperation with the Instituto Cervantes’ Spanish Program for Cultural Cooperation and the CAFA of FEATI University, specifically its Department of Architecture, has been tapped as the academic institution to conduct the research work on the said district’s cultural heritage.


College of Architecture
Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Effective School Year 2004 – 2005

This Curricula is still in the process of review and will be subject to changes. Please consult your Department Chairman and Dean for clarifications.

Descriptive Title
  1st Year , 1st Semester    
MATH112(04) Plane Trigonometry 3.00 MATH111(04)
FIL111(04) Sining ng Komunikasyon 3.00  
REL111(04) Christian Doctrine I 1.00  
NSTP1(04) National Service Training Program I 3.00  
AR111(04) Introduction to Design I 2.00  
AR113(04) Monochromatic Drawing 2.00  
MATH111(04) College Algebra 3.00  
Basic Communication Skills I 3.00  
HUM111(04) Fundamentals of Logic and Ethics with Values Education 3.00  
PE111(04) Physical Education I 2.00  
AR112(04) Architectural Drafting 3.00 AR112(04)
  1st Year , 2nd Semester    
AR122(04) Perspective, Shades and Shadow 3.00 AR112(04)
MATH121(04) Analytic Geometry with Solid Geometry 4.00 MATH111(04), MATH112(04)
ENGL121(04) Study and Thinking Skills 3.00 ENGL111(04)
HUM121(04) Art Appreciation 3.00 HUM111(04)
PE121(04) Physical Education II 2.00 PE111(04)
AR121(04) ) Creative Design Fundamentals 2.00 AR111, AR111(04
AR123(04) Color Rendering and Still Life 2.00 AR113(04)
General Psychology 3.00  
FIL121(04) Panitikang Filipino 3.00 FIL111(04)
ENGL100(04) Conversational English 2.00  
REL121(04) Christian Doctrine II 1.00 REL111(04)
NSTP2(04) National Service Training Program II 3.00 NSTP1(04)
  2nd Year , 1st Semester    
SOCIO211(04) Society and Culture with Family Planning 3.00  
PE211(04) Physical Education III 2.00 PE121(04)
AR211(04) Creative Design in Arch. Arch'l Interior and Landscape Architecture 3.00 AR111(04)
PHYS211(04) Engineering Physics I 4.00 MATH111(04), MATH112(04)
ENGL211(04) Writing in the Discipline 3.00 ENGL121(04)
Principles of Economics with Taxation and Agrarian Reform 3.00  
MATH211(04) Differential Calculus 4.00 MATH121(04)
LIT121(04) Philippine Literature 3.00  
  2nd Year , 2nd Semester    
MATH221(04) Integral Calculus 4.00 MATH121(04), MATH211(04)
SOCIO221(04) Philippine History and Constitution 3.00  
ENGL221(04) Speech Communications 3.00 ENGL211(04)
AR221(04) Space Planning I 3.00 AR211(04)
PHYS221(04) Engineering Physics II 4.00 PHYS211(04)
RIZAL221(04) Buhay at Panitik
PE221(04) Physical Education IV 2.00 PE211(04)

3rd Year , 1st Semester    
AR311(04) Space Planning II 4.00 AR311LB(04)
AR313(04) ) Presentation Techniques 2.00 AR123(04)
AR315(04) Materials of Construction 3.00  
ES316(04) Engineering Mechanics I (Statics) 3.00 MATH221(04), PHYS221(04)
GE210(04) Elementary Surveying 2.00 MATH112(04)
AR312(04) Plumbing and Sanitary System 3.00 PHYS221(04), PHYS221LB(04)
AR314(04) History of Architecture I
Theory of Architecture I 3.00 AR211(04), AR211LB(04)
ENGL311(04) Public Speaking 3.00 ENGL221(04)
  3rd Year , 2nd Semester    
AR322(04) Mechanical and Electrical System 3.00 PHYS221(04), PHYS221LB(04)
AR324(04) History of Architecture II 3.00 AR314(04)
AR326(04) Theory of Architecture II 3.00 AR316(04)
AR321(04) Site Development Planning I 4.00 AR311(04)
Theory of Structures 3.00 ES316(04)
Wood and Mansory Construction 3.00 AR112(04), AR315(04)
ES328(04) Strength of Materials 4.00 ES316(04), ES327(04)
  4th Year , 1st Semester    
AR411(04) Community Architecture and Urban Design 5.00 AR321(04)
AR413(04) Structural Design of Timber 3.00 AR323(04)
AR415(04) Concrete and Steel Construction 1.00 AR325(04)
CAD1(04) Basic Computer Aided Design I 3.00  
AR412(04) Acoustics and Lighting 3.00 PHYS221(04)
History of Architecture III 3.00 AR324(04)
AR416(04) Theory of Architecture III 3.00 AR326(04)
  4th Year , 2nd Semester    
AR421(04) Design for Tall Building and Complexes 5.00 AR321(04)
AR423(04) Structural Design of Steel 3.00 AR323(04), GE210(04)
AR425(04) Advanced Building Construction Methods 3.00 AR415(04)
AR427(04) Man, Environment and Society 3.00  
AR422(04) Site Planning and Landscape Architecture 3.00  
AR424(04) Building Laws 3.00  
Research Methods for Architecture 2.00  
Advanced Computer Aided Design II 3.00 CAD1(04), CAD1LB(04)
  5th Year , 1st Semester    
AR511(04) Pre-Thesis Design Problem 5.00 AR421(04)
AR513(04) Structural Design of Reinforced Concrete 3.00 AR323(04)
AR516(04) Interior Design 2.00  
AR515(04) Organization, Management and Regular Srvices 3.00  
AR512(04) Fundamentals of Urban Design and Community Architect 3.00 AR422(04)
AR514(04) Construction Management and Comprehensive Services 3.00 AR424(04)
AR517(04) Special Problems in Architecture I 3.00  

  5th Year , 2nd Semester    
AR521(04) Thesis (Lecture) 5.00 AR521LB(04), AR521 AR511(04)
AR523(04) Estimating, Specifications Writing and Building Economy 3.00 AR514(04)
AR525(04) Special Problems in Architecture II 3.00 AR517(04)
AR522(04) Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning 3.00 AR422(04)
AR524(04) Housing 3.00  
OJT(04) On-the-Job Training 3.00