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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

The five- year Civil Engineering curriculum offers the graduates for professional engineering including a leading role in infrastructure planning and development, linkage of lease contracts, resources management, research and outreach and the protection of the environment. The graduate must have a strong foundation in the physical sciences and should consider the economic, social and environment significance of what he/she plans to build.

The first two-years, essentially common to all engineering curriculum, strengthens the physical sciences and mathematics background necessary for the through understanding of the fundamentals of the basic engineering courses.

The basic engineering studies supplemented by soils and materials testing, hydraulics and surveying laboratory works and demonstrations are concentrated in the third year in the preparation for civil engineering sciences and technology and allied courses. The department laboratories have complete soils and materials testing equipment and apparatus for determining the physical properties of soil and engineering materials and hydraulic apparatus or to demonstrate the basic principles, friction losses, energy equation and flow types and measurements with computer applications.

On the fourth and fifth years, the instruction emphasis is on the different civil engineering fields of structure with STAAD computer application, foundation, construction and water resources engineering. Studies on this engineering fields are enriched by courses on project feasibility study, construction project management with PRIMAVERA computer application, contracts, specifications and engineering ethics and laws.

The water resources engineering instruction is supplemented by hydropower model and mini-irrigation projects complete with diversion dam, regulator gates, distribution system and service area with irrigated upland crops.

The successful completion of the curriculum qualifies the graduate for professional opportunity as construction manager, project manager, design engineer, sanitary/environmental engineer, highway and transportation engineer and engineering teacher.

A. Graduates of Civil Engineering Program must be prepared for the planning design construction, management and maintenance of:

  1. Railways, roads and bridges
  2. Dams, reservoirs and hydraulic structure and systems
  3. Water and waste disposal
  4. buildings and foundation
  5. Other types of civil works used by man

B. Graduates of Civil Engineering Program are expected to be environmentally conscious
C. Graduates of Civil Engineering Program must be knowledgable of their professional responsibilities on ethics and laws
D. Graduates of Civil Engineering Program must be knowledgeable on human, financial, physical and resource management.
E. Graduates of Civil Engineering Program must be a total engineer utilizing his knowledge of arts, sciences and engineering concepts.
F. Graduates of Civil Engineering Program must be prepared for graduate work and research in at least one area of the Civil Engineering field practice.


  1. Structural Engineering
  2. Hydraulics Engineering
  3. Transportation Engineering
  4. Construction Engineering
  5. Geotechnical Engineering


College of Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Effective School Year 2004 – 2005

This Curricula is still in the process of review and will be subject to changes. Please consult your Department Chairman and Dean for clarifications.

Descriptive Title
  1st Year , 1st Semester    
REL111(04) Christian Doctrine I (1.00)  
CHEM111(04) General Chemistry I 4.00  
MATH112(04) Plane Trigonometry 3.00 MATH111(04)
ENGL111(04) Basic Communication Skills I 3.00  
ES111(04) Engineering Drawing I 2.00  
FIL111(04) Sining ng Komunikasyon 3.00  
HUM111(04) Fundamentals of Logic and Ethics with Values Education 3.00  
MATH111(04) College Algebra 3.00  
National Service Training Program I (3.00)  
PE111(04) Physical Education I 2.00  
  1st Year , 2nd Semester    
FIL121(04) Panitikang Filipino 3.00 FIL111(04)
RIZAL221(04) Buhay at Panitik 3.00  
HUM121(04) Art Appreciation 3.00 HUM111(04)
NSTP2(04) National Service Training Program II (3.00) NSTP1(04)
PE121(04) Physical Education II 2.00 PE111(04)
PSY121(04) General Psychology 3.00  
REL121(04) Christian Doctrine II (1.00) REL111(04)
Analytic Geometry with Solid Geometry 4.00 MATH111(04), MATH112(04)
ENGL121(04) Study and Thinking Skills in English 3.00 ENGL111(04)

2nd Year , 1st Semester    
GE212(04) General Surveying I - Laboratory 1.00 MATH111(04), MATH112(04)
ECON211(04) Principles of Economics with Taxation and Agrarian Reform 3.00  
MATH211(04) Differential Calculus 4.00 MATH121(04)
ENGL211(04) Writing in the Discipline 3.00 ENGL121(04)
ES213(04) Computer Fundamentals and Basic Programming 3.00 MATH112(04)
GE211(04) General Surveying I - Lecture 2.00 MATH111(04), MATH112(04)
SOCIO211(04) Society and Culture with Family Planning 3.00  
Physical Education III 2.00 PE121(04)
PHYS211(04) Engineering Physics I 4.00 MATH111(04), MATH112(04)
  2nd Year , 2nd Semester    
GE222(04) General Surveying II - Laboratory 2.00 GE211(04), GE212(04)
ENGL221(04) Speech Communications 3.00 ENGL211(04)
PE221(04) Physical Education IV 2.00 PE211(04)
PHYS221(04) Engineering Physics II 4.00 PHYS211(04)
GE221(04) General Surveying II - Lecture 2.00 GE211(04), GE212(04)
IE222(04) Engineering Management 3.00  
MATH221(04) Integral Calculus 4.00 MATH121(04), MATH211(04)
ENGL221A(04) Speech Communication - Laboratory 1.00 ENGL211(04)
POLSCI221(04) Politics, Government and Philippine Constitution 3.00  

3rd Year , 1st Semester    
GE313(04) Engineering Surveys - Laboratory 1.00 GE221(04), GE222(04)
EE320(04) Elementary Electrical Engineering Laboratory 1.00 MATH221(04), PHY221(04)
MATH311(04) Differential Equations 3.00 MATH221(04)
ES316(04) Engineering Mechanics I (Statics) 3.00 MATH221(04), PHYS221(04)
GE312(04) Engineering Surveys - Lecture 2.00 GE221(04), GE222(04)
EE310(04) Elementary Electrical Engineering 4.00 MATH221(04), PHYS221(04)
MATH312(04) Advanced Engineering Mathematics 3.00 MATH221(04)
ES315(04) Engineering Geology 3.00 CHEM111(04)
ES319(04) Environmental Engineering 3.00 CHEM111
  3rd Year , 2nd Semester    
CE322(04) Highway Engineering 3.00 GE312(04), GE313(04)
CE324(04) Testing Materials 1.00 ES316(04)
CE326(04) Hydraulics I Laboratory 1.00 ES316(04)
MATH321(04) Probability and Statistics 3.00 MATH312(04)
ES327(04) Engineering Mechanics II (Dynamics) 3.00 ES316(04)
CE321(04) Basic Mechanical Engineering 3.00 MATH221(04), PHYS221(04)
CE323(04) Construction Materials 3.00 ES316(04)
CE325(04) Hydraulics I 2.00 ES316(04)
Strength of Materials 4.00 ES316(04)
  4th Year , 1st Semester    
CE413(04) Hydraulics II 4.00 CE325(04), CE326(04)
CE415(04) Engineering Hydrology 3.00 MATH321(04)
IE415(04) Engineering Economics 3.00 4th yr standing
ELECTIVE11(04) Technical Elective II 3.00  
CE417(04) Structual Theory I Laboratory 1.00 ES328(04)
CE412(04) Construction Methods Planning and Estimates 2.00 CE323(04), CE324(04)
Hydraulics II Laboratory 1.00 CE325(04), CE326(04)
ELECTIVE1(04) Technical Elective I 3.00  
CE416(04) Structural Theory I 4.00 ES328(04)

  4th Year , 2nd Semester    
CE422(04) Structural Design I: Timber 2.00 CE416(04), CE417(04)
Structural Design II: Concrete 4.00 CE416(04), CE417(04)
CE426(04) Structural Theory II 4.00 CE416(04), CE417
CE428(04) Soil Mechanics 4.00 CE416(04), CE417(04)
CE421(04) CE, laws, contracts, specification and ethics 3.00 CE412(04)
CE423(04) Structural Design II: Timber Laboratory 1.00 CE416(04), CE417(04)
CE425(04) Structural Design II: Concrete Laboratory 1.00 CE416(04), CE417(04)
Structural Theory II Laboratory 1.00 CE416(04), CE417(04)
CE429(04) Soil Mechanics Laboratory 1.00 CE416(04), CE417(04)

5th Year , 1st Semester    
CE511(04) Special CE Problem I 4.00 CE411(04), CE426(04), CE427(04), MATH312(04)
CE514(04) Structual Design III: Steel Laboratory 1.00 CE426(04), CE427(04)
CE516(04) Construction Project Management 2.00 CE421(04)
ELECTIVE111(04) Technical Elective III 3.00  
CE513(04) Structural Design III: Steel 4.00 CE426(04), CE427(04)
CE515(04) Foundation Engineering 4.00 CE428(04), CE429(04)
CE517(04) Construction Project Management Laboratory 1.00 CE421(04)
CE 518
CE Project I (Thesis I) 2.00 5th yr standing
CE 519
CE Project I Laboratory 1.00 5th yr standing

  5th Year , 2nd Semester    
CE522(04) Pre-Stressed Concrete Design 3.00 CE512(04)
CE525(04) Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning 3.00 CE411(04)
CE527(04) CE Project II (Thesis II) 2.00 CE518(04), CE519(04)
ELECTIVEIV(04) Technical Elective IV 3.00  
ENGL311(04) Public Speaking 3.00 ENGL221(04)
CE521(04) Special CE Problem II 4.00 CE511(04)
CE524(04) Sewerage and Sewage Disposal 3.00 CE418(04)
Matrix Structural Analysis 3.00 CE513(04), CE514(04)
CE528(04) CE Project II Laboratory 1.00 CE518(04), CE519(04)
  Technical Electives    
CE400 CE On the Job Training (Min 120 hrs) 3.00 4th year standing
CE411 Transportation Engineering 3.00 CE322
CE418 Water Resources Engineering 3.00 CE325, CE326
CE512 Advanced RC Design 3.00 CE424, CE425
CE523 Earthquake Engineering 3.00 CE512